How to direct beauty peasant in Russia

No matter how reviled the clergy girls and women in Russia, because of its beauty many people think nothing has changed for centuries not. The girls all as worried as to blossom brighter and moloduhi - as if the husband is not out of love, on the side not started watching. Afraid of three things: lose weight, get a tan and lose color. A particular subject of the thickness disturbances was braids for girls. Of course, from mother to daughter and from friend to friend passed "most loyal" beauty recipes.

How to direct beauty peasant in Russia

for a beautiful complexion

Marriageable girls could touch up on summer evenings - in front of whoopee - cheeks and lips beets or berry juice. But the surest way to save their rosy thought to get up early and run to the field, or dew to wash with water from a spring. It is clear that half of the effect is achieved by a morning jog in the fresh air. Wash because it was necessary to have time before the accept for daily work!

How to direct beauty peasant in Russia

In addition to practical tools, readily resorted to magic (which is probably in the ground and caused indignation of the priesthood). But the magic was unpretentious: to say, until the washes, any hex on the beauty. In addition, in the first day of the month the daughter of a teenage mother is weighed her two slaps in the face. So, no matter how much blood she was losing neither, and was always rosy.

The individual had the means to remove from the face of "peas" - pimples. Popular series was the broth. Also from them and tried to get rid of blackheads, rubbing the face of lamp oil. Just remove it from the skin had to very carefully - otherwise molested by his tan. Some of the girls whispered incantations to "peas" switched to a rival.

How to direct beauty peasant in Russia

For skin tenderness

Peasant women spent much time outdoors. Fashion for a tan they did not know, and thought it a serious problem for the skin. In addition, the skin on his face weather-beaten often. By the defects are and freckles. They fought.

Face bleached by various means: buttermilk, sour milk, mask of chopped parsley root ( "Pestretsy"), gruel of cucumber or wild strawberries. Last assists and chapped skin. Almost universal remedy for all skin problems was sour. When was coined potato mush out of it became applied to the face, so that it becomes softer and whiter.

Magic prinozhdalas and here. Silver, for example, seen as embodied white, and he is often attributed magical properties. The girl, who had a silver ring, lowered its overnight in water for washing and hex in the morning to wash, hoping to be as clean and white as silver.

How to direct beauty peasant in Russia

The main problem with course whitening face, lay in the fact that the mask had to find the time. It is not easy! Peasant and working around the house and in the field. So some girls became white-faced only at parties - powdered with flour.

In the struggle for the fullness of

Thinness found ugly girl or woman was supposed to be "a dough", "in the body", "full-bodied". It was said that if there is, as a lady, a lot of sweets, then the weight will itself gain. But the check was difficult even prosperous peasant family could not afford to feed daughters of marriageable age among cakes.

How to direct beauty peasant in Russia

Another surest way to recharge and power, and the body was considered the cream. In addition, could the girl with the same purpose, let's eat yeast. Yeast and gave undersized girls to grow taller, postatnee. Fragility is not appreciated. Beauty had to be strong.

Girls who have not helped either yeast or sour cream, had to resort to tricks to look fuller. Sandals were wrapped around his legs under a few layers to spawn looked chubby. Clothing also can be worn in multiple layers or be wound on the body cloth. It was hard, but that is not tryin to be an enviable bride ...

However, against all bogus guys had their own means. We looked at her neck, at the hands full there. And there was a way to fool the eye! Coral beads round the neck and forced her to look fuller and whiter. Alas, afford them can not every girl.

How to direct beauty peasant in Russia

Kos - girlish beauty

It is very important to consider the state the girl's braids. Among the defects were listed too thin and delicate hair, burn in the sun, dull color. Kos should be thick and heavy.

Almost every family had their own means of recipes for hair. Popularly was washing hair rye bread, a tincture of burdock root, beaten eggs. Dry and comb your hair in the sun and the wind mother daughters strictly forbidden: will supposedly fall. In addition, wet hair in the sun quickly burnt out. In rural realities that meant not only an interesting shade of blond, but dry, brittle hair.

How to direct beauty peasant in Russia

For a pleasant reddish hair could shine rinse decoction of onion peel and chamomile. The main thing was not to overdo it. Red girls interested in Russia were not considered.

True means to weight and health of the hair were candlesWick holders and linseed oil. They also make it possible to style your hair, so they do not pushilis, were thoroughly as a helmet. We use this tool for the hair and men.

How to direct beauty peasant in Russia

In addition, lamp oil rescued girls with bleached eyebrows and sparse. Wobbly eyebrows looked darker poosnovatelnee. Used and burdock oil - from his thick eyebrows rose. In contrast to the eyebrows, the color and the beauty of eyelashes were not looking, so applying make-up, black girl charcoal eyebrows and eyes to fail and did not think.

To Spit looked thicker weave in her tape, lace webbing, strands made from their own comb and comb the hair removed from or borrowed from the horse. The mother could clip out the strands of her braids to weave and their daughter, too, the benefit of a married woman went with a fully enclosed hair.