Where are the animals of the last Russian tsar

• What happened to the last king of the animals Russia

The Romanov family was famous for his devotion to animals. The royal chambers inhabited by a large number of cats and dogs, some of which were the hosts to the end and shared the tragic death. Only one dog survived and was destined to get into the UK.

Where are the animals of the last Russian tsar

Cats and Dogs at the court of

The link with the Romanovs went three dogs: French bulldog owned by Tatiana Ortipo, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Anastasia Jimmy and cocker spaniel Alexei Joy.

Tatiana got Ortipo in 1914 as a gift from the officer lechivshegosya in the hospital where she worked as a nurse. Grand Duchess loved spending time watching the dog: "The dog is so sweet," - she wrote in her diary.

Where are the animals of the last Russian tsar

Ortipo with Tatiana and Anastasia

The heir to the throne Tsarevich Alexei grew energetic and curious boy. However, he suffered from hemophilia, resulting in his circle of friends was limited. The main joy of his life began to cat and dog Kotka Joy everywhere follow the owner.

A descendant brought from Britain cocker spaniel Joy became inseparable from Alexei heir drove around with a dog. When Nicholas took his son with him to the front in order to maintain the morale of the troops and to teach Alex a lesson of patriotism, and Joy did not miss those visits.

Where are the animals of the last Russian tsar

Alex and Joy

Large fluffy cat Kotka Tsarevich gave Vladimir Voeikov, Major General of His Imperial Majesty Suites. The cat could not scratch the hemophiliac boy, he removed the claws, but impressionable Alex said that the cat simply can not produce them. Alexei and his sisters came from a cat in delight and asked to bring them to another. As a result, the family appeared on the red cat named Zubrovka.

Wherever he went the crown prince, he always took with him Kotka, and sometimes even bring it to dinner parties, "the horrified people feared the cat" - recalled Voeikov in his memoirs. However, Kotka walk is rare, because Alex was afraid of losing him.

In Exile

Leaving the residence in Tsarskoye Selo, and exiled to Tobolsk, the family could not take with cats: Kotka and Zubrovka remained in the empty palace along with other cats (according to some memories of their later sheltered the good people).

Where are the animals of the last Russian tsar

Nicholas II and Joy

Only three dogs went on a long journey together with their masters, becoming their only consolation.

In Tobolsk, and then in the dog Yekaterinburg hitherto enjoyed unprecedented freedom. "Joy and Jim Ortipo thrive. The first two have to drive to the yard, where they enjoy in the cesspit and eat every dirty trick ... "- Anastasia wrote in his diary in November 1917. Idyll was tragically cut short in July 1918, when the whole family was shot. Playful Joy often ran away from the yard, and that saved his life, because at the time of the shooting he was not in the Ipatiev house. Jimmy is Anastasia was holding, and later his body was found. As for Ortipo, it seems, too, was outside.

Later, people remembered that they had seen two dogs near the Romanovs house. When he returned, Ortipo loud barking and produced such a noise that was shot. Joy, who only skrobsya the door survived. After some time, one of the Red Army guarding the empty house officers Michael Letomin regretted dog and sheltered him.

When the city was occupied by whites, who knew the royal family officer Paul Rodzianko saw Joy on the street, and that led him to Letominu. Letomina arrested and Rodzyanko dog took to the memory of Alex dozhivshem not until the 14th birthday.

Later, white backed, and Joey went with Rodzianko to Vladivostok and from there to emigrate. He crossed half the world, and eventually came to King George V - a cousin of Nicholas II. Joy got a place at the court and lived a long life, and then was buried in the cemetery of the royal dogs in Windsor Castle.