"Private - non-public", or better not to share in their social networks?

To date, social networks - is the bane of modern society. A lot of people forget that there is a certain facet, it is recommended not to go for that, when you write or anything you publish on your page. Private for many has long passed into the category of the public, but not all, this tendency to show their dirty underwear pleases and attracts.

will not argue, there are individuals who like to delve into all the intricacies of a particular history, to wash her bones persons involved and give their "priceless" advice, when so no one asks. In fact, it is very fashionable to publicly display their personal lives.

People like it, and people are grateful for that husky, comments or repost. Sure, social media has a positive side. You can communicate with family, friends, loved ones, make new acquaintances, and so on. Social networks help us to keep in touch with those who are dear to us and interesting. But despite the many advantages, there are also significant disadvantages. Social networking can significantly "hit" on relations with near and dear to people. Today, there are a few things that are clearly not worth it to share on his page in one or another social network, and now we'll tell you about them.

"He has such a great authority in the bed ..."

The authority, as they say, will come with time. To some it is given at birth, and someone buys it through various manipulations. And yes, for those who do not understand, we are now talking about sex. Even if you idolize your partner for "authority", "melons" and a pretty face - it does not mean that the subscribers or friends need to see in their stream topless photos of you and your mate. And it does not matter that among you there kind of like Blankets.

Naked Teles - that's fine, but if your bedroom, as well as the "authority" and "melons" are the main culprits celebrations, which flood the whole tape, you can be sure the majority of people from you unsubscribe. But you can not worry, you will love perverts. Of course, to share what your partner is in bed just ace, very tempting, but you need to be completely sure that it will appreciate and understand, and will not accept wrong. Personal relationships - the fact and personal, and to make them on public display is not the best idea.

It is not necessary to tell personal secrets and the secrets of his partner

Now a lot of people like to put a very intimate facts about themselves in public access. This is not a violation if you do it consciously and without any hustle from the side. Another thing, if you begin to actively expose all the hidden secrets of your partner. From the outside it is regarded as interference in someone else's personal life, which according to the rules should be kept confidential, because the hero of the occasion did not give the nod to it, to tell about it.

Even if you move only good intentions, it is likely that your partner it can not come to mind, and in this case the problem can not be avoided, as you would not want to. Do not forget, the Internet - is a "village", and what you write can be seen, for example, a colleague of your second half. Just imagine how it will feel he / she is at work. Do not forget to think that you all are allowed. You are on your page can get up and write whatever you want, but when it comes to someone else, it is necessary beforehand to ask him for permission before publishing any information about the person.

Do not wash dirty linen in public

Let us not dissemble that earn one such illegal businesses like mostly the fair sex. You should not make on public display your personal problems. Talk on social networks about how bad your partner - this is not the best option. First of all, you pull your weight to your problems left people who are in no way relevant to your personal problems, but other than that you can put yourself and your partner in a very awkward position.

If you are hurt, and you're looking for a unit to support, it is necessary to turn to friends or relatives, but not to the mass of strangers. Separately, you still did not stand, because when you and your partner make peace, then regret that wrote a bunch of nasty things on his page under the influence of emotions. It makes no sense to drag someone outside your privacy, because it is on that and personal to all the problems to solve on their own, and not by subscribers or psevdodruzey. Rely on friends, not strangers, and ideally even talk to your significant other and solve the problem, "on the spot".

"And if the photo I post it where you sleep and drool?"

Here and I want to write: "Hey, are you serious?". When you make a picture of your partner, you should immediately realize that much of what you nafotografirovali, definitely he / she does not like. You can save yourself a pretty picture, but did not publish it on his page. Believe me, your partner does not like it if it's provocative photo will glow in the public domain. Consider whether a photo is worth a quarrel, which clearly follow after you lay it on his page on the social network.