"Pulp Fiction" or some very bizarre crimes in recent years, and that purpose you can imagine

When a police officer, a hundred cases of looting, murder, rape and other seamy side, necessarily get at least one character that will make you laugh to drop from the hands of a gun, handcuffs and truncheon. What to do?

Strange situation in life happen, but, you see, friends, between a "strange" and "it would look great in the film by Quentin Tarantino, but intentionally so, and not think" still has a small, but quite a significant difference.

That such cases, which can be safely attributed to the category number two, we will tell our readers in today's article. So get ready, folks, because those "genius of the underworld", which we will introduce you today, give a hundred points is not only the "Pulp Fiction", but all Hollywood boevichkov and detektivchikam black yumorkom combined.

"Do not touch Freddy, you bastards!"

Meet Joshua Lee Long is from Pennsylvania, who warm July days of 2016 dealt a duty visit to the police officers, who would ask the guy that if he had something of a series of robberies heard that recently rocked the district. As it turns out, Joshua had not heard anything, for paying attention to suspicious noises in the street, when you chat in the living room grows a huge bush Flawless homemade hemp, it would be a bit problematic.

After our Josh still has not managed to convince the police that grows it does not ferns and domestic flowers in the tub, they decided to make a guy a little excursion to the site, and at the same time, since I went to a booze, explore his bachelor lair. In den they found Freddy.

Freddie lived in a jar of formaldehyde, which Long kept under the bed at home, and, in the words of a drug addict, was his best friend and pet. Oh, yes, we have forgotten to explain! "Freddie" - a human brain preserved in alcohol that Joshua, being in either eye, grabbed him from the nearest mortuary, where it (in the sense of Josh, not Freddy) stole embalming fluid, which watered the grass, so she better put in.

In general, said that the police were surprised by such a finding, it did not say anything. Still, not every day you see a junkie, who speaks with alcoholized brains.

"I have serious intentions, I'm going to marry her!"

All in the same damned July 2016, which, apparently, turned out to be fruitful for the idiots, the owner of a small shop underwear in Tennessee called the police in connection with a very strange incident. Surveillance cameras recorded as a bit of a midnight, seemingly hopeless drunk, the man broke the window, grabbed the expensive Mannequin in sexy black nightie and dragged him to his car in the process of leaving the kidnapping victim without a left hand.

The police was not difficult to calculate the numbers of pickup thief, which he helpfully parked directly in front of the cameras. It turned out to be a suspect, Christopher Wade, a visit to which the officers immediately decided to pay a visit to "explanatory conversation". Chris they found right in your bed with the most mannequin, black nightie which was richly spiced white traces of human DNA.

Although the man was trying to convince the officers that in relation to the girl he only is serious, and "you landed, seen as she an adult," his fiery speeches have not worked. Wade was arrested for theft and driving while intoxicated, and his abortive bride went to the station with him as evidence in the case.

"My husband! What I want, I do! "

Again, in the same 2016 the traffic police of the city of Knoxville has decided to arrange a planned raid on drunk drivers, and the first one who got them under the hot hand, turned out to be impressive growth brutal bald man behind the wheel of an SUV, which appreciably reeked of alcohol. If someone does not understand, the hero of the day left in the photo, you can see straight into his kind eyes.

So the first "alarm bell", which saw law enforcement officers, was a cute pink ribbon, which were bandaged stylish beard husky, and when the police demanded that guy out of the car, all of a sudden it became even more interesting. The intruder, whose name is not disclosed for ethical reasons, was wearing a pink short skirt, little white golfiki and could hardly stand or from the amount of alcohol consumed, whether from stylish shoes to high heels.

When the police politely explained to him that he went through a little bit too much, and now he will have to take a ride with them to the police station, the man dutifully agreed, however, apologizing, he said that he needed to pick up the keys. A car key in the ignition, and the second key from some treacherous device of his wife in the passenger seat, because he really did not want to write while sitting in the chamber.

Yes, you understood correctly, that on a drunken head of her faithful not done bad cases, the young lady on the second photo on the right was wearing on him here is such an entertaining medieval unit. Be that as it may, the rules of the road are the same for all, and even that did not save the plight of the "slave" from being brought charges against him for drunk driving.