"Killers" sexual arousal

• "Killer" sexual arousal

1. The pill

In 2010, research was conducted with the participation of more than a thousand women, during which it became clear that women taking birth control pills, sexual desire is much lower than in those who do without tablets.

2. The lack of sleep

A study in 2011 showed that if a man sleeps less than five hours a day, the level of testosterone in his blood is greatly reduced, which in turn leads to a decrease in sexual desire. also affects far better on the female libido is lack of sleep.

3. Overeating

Saturated fats - that's what you mean. Sexual health expert Dr. John Mulhall believes that a surplus of this type of fat can hamper blood flow to the genitals.

4. Malnutrition

Reduced sexual activity - one of the side effects of excessive dieting.

By "over-strict diet" we mean reducing calorie intake by more than 10 percent.

5. Preparations for the treatment of hair loss in men

A study in 2011 showed that taking pills for the treatment of hair loss could mean for men decreased sexual activity and erectile dysfunction.

6. Stress

It is unlikely for someone can be a surprise.

7. Depression

During one study found that 70 percent of people experiencing depression, lose interest in sex.

8. Antidepressants

In several studies, the latest of which was conducted in 2010, found a link between antidepressant and sexual dysfunction.

9. Anemia

Experts say that anemia results in decreased libido in women. Fortunately, in this case, can help preparations containing iron.

10. Youth

A study conducted in 2010 revealed that women from 27 to 45 have more sexual fantasies than those who are from 18 to 26.