This is only really in love

This is only really in love

I think that your relationship is perfect, but even the most perfect couples sometimes have doubts. We know how to measure your feelings of strength, but first warned - every individual relationship, and you do not follow any convention. So, if you are made for each other, you probably do these 9 things together.

You are constantly in touch

Despite the fact that you are dating for quite some time, still can not stop writing to each other cute messages, share photos and silly jokes found on the Internet. You're on facetime, if anyone of you is in another country, and exchanging audio messages before bedtime. And as soon as you there is something important or anxiety, you call him, and he is sure to find the appropriate words.

You always hug

Hugs to you - one of the most important rituals. Once you embrace it, you will certainly feel safe, and it invests in such tenderness all its heat. So if you're still not tired of hugging - Be sure you are all fine. Many scientists, by the way, are sure to embrace awaken in us an even greater percentage of oxytocin (the hormone of joy) than kissing.

You do not feel free to share feelings and experiences with each other

Even if he has a problem at work or with family members, he will share with you - let it be too cold, reserved and carefully (because he is a man and not accustomed to complain about life). You, in turn, know that you can rely on him in any situation. And you're not afraid to tell each other's feelings and desires - it's worth it.

You are important interests of each other

If he has a big game, you most likely will see it together. And despite the fact that you are far from being a fan of football, you will enjoy and recharge his passion. He is not averse to go with you to the theater to "the strange play" or to accompany you in the new exhibition. He even "for" to go with you to yoga, to understand what is so special you found it.

You never cease to make surprises

He brings you the kinder-surprise, and you have no reason to give to him the gloves for the gym. He can buy two tickets in the summer, even on the weekend, and let you know about it the day before the flight, and you - a romantic dinner in the middle of the week. Are you pleased to please each other - let these surprises are sometimes quite small. But the attention to detail - it's the most important thing.

You're kidding thinly over each other

Do you have a joke that only you know. That's why the two of you bored nor ridiculous party or at home. You are able to smooth out conflicts, translating everything into a smile, and sometimes even make fun of each other like old friends. Believe me, it is very rare when two people of the opposite sex the same sense of humor.

You are planning a joint future

No, you do not count how much it will cost you your wedding, just love to talk about what city could be a few months to live, and where to go on a dream vacation. And you love to equip apartment and always find a compromise in the choice of colors of the walls and furniture. And you're going to go on a course for a new foreign language or learn a new hobby.

You did not hesitate to appear anywhere with

In any company - whether your friends or - you feel comfortable with. Nothing prevents you to spread out by companies, but as soon as you come back to each other's arms, the evening becomes even more fun. You love to go anywhere together, and you have not even thought arises that someone of you would be out of place in this or that company.

You are proud of the achievements of each other

Support the loved one in the mountain - is half the battle, but sincerely happy for him can be difficult. Especially if now in this area you pause, he turns the mountains on the way to a brilliant career (and vice versa). You respect each other's desire to grow and make new acquaintances, and when a loved one reach the goal, you are sincerely proud of him.