"And who do we have here is not yet warped by our interesting content?". Some of the most bizarre, but, despite this, interesting and informative sexual aberrations. Part 2

We hope that the first part of our article to you liking, our dear readers. Pre-warn you once, its sequel will be even more interesting, strange and, despite this, very informative, because we have almost one hundred percent sure that in some of the items mentioned below you will find yourself.

We assume, of course, but because who of us is without sin? And on this very interesting note, we continue to tell you about the sexual perversion.


Melissofiliya - a specific form of bestiality, sexual attraction to animals. But in contrast to the standard form, melissofily indifferent only to the bees. The book, which is called "Everything you know about sex is wrong," describes a very strange sexual attraction to these winged insects. Melissofily catch bees in a jar and then shaken vigorously for them to become sleepy insects inside and disorientated. Then bee removed from the vessel and placed on the genitals.

As you have already predict such actions, mainly lead to the fact that the insects sting a person in one of the most sensitive places. This causes the genitals to swell and become more sensitive, which increases the intensity of the orgasm. Although the wound from the bite of bees is just part of the process, the pain experienced by a person who is not the main goal melissofila. In contrast to the same masochism, where only pain brings pleasure, melissofily main pleasure is obtained from the fact that just in contact with bees.

insects involved in sex is the main task, and their bite - just an added bonus. It is known that a bite, at least for the honeybee is fatal, however melissofilam often required to replenish their inventory.


Laughter is not always welcomed during sex, but it's a necessary part of the prelude to knismofilov. These people simply can not do without tickling. Therefore, if you do not bring a partner to the state of uncontrollable laughter, knismofilam simply do not reach orgasm. In addition, such people like that and carefully shaken before the main part of the bedding merrymaking.

Some "schekotuny" torture their partners, bringing them to laugh with the help of different feathers, ice cubes, and so on. As the saying goes, all goes into play, if only people became uncontrollably laughing. Knismofiliya also regarded as a "side effect" paraphilia which causes uncontrolled sexual desire and imagination. It is worth noting that knismofily not limited to the standard approach to the tickling.

They use a variety of adult toys, blindfolds, handcuffs, for as long as you can bully your partner. Knismofily tend to be driven only during tickling, and if the partner is well connected. For example, a fan of fine tickling excited and show themselves in the bedroom, but not while playing with children or during a barbecue in the backyard.


Menofily, which are also known as "Blood Hunter ', it is men who are very fond of" love "of women during menstruation. I would like to continue to just write a "no comment", but we still continue this fascinating subject. As has been written above, menofilam enjoy not only watch the women during menstruation, but apart from that it was during the critical days, they prefer their partner to have sex.

His very perverted sex drive such men feel proud, because they think that what they like and what excites them - discourages other (that is, of course, can be considered a source of pride). In addition to simple sexual intercourse menofilam like to deliver oral pleasure to his partner, which actively "pouring".

Old women - young people who are sexually attracted exclusively elderly people. The psychiatrists were unable for many years to come to a general conclusion as to how many years should be the person who may become the object of desire for gerontofil. In 2005, the famous British psychiatrist Adrian Bal said that in order to gerontofil experienced sexual arousal, his partner would have to be more than sixty years. Psychiatrist even gave an example from his practice. One man got married when he was 24 years old.

His wife was the same, and a total of the couple were born six children. But one day, a man met an old woman and began to feel her strong sex drive. Man has become to follow his call. Once he still slept with this woman, his wife, he ceased to feel at least some sexual attraction. She was too young, and therefore his life appeared more mature "hobbies".

It should also be noted that Old women - is not gigolos, who meet an old lady fall for it in itself, and then wait until it will make the bedroom feet first. Old women do not have a real goal to take over property or money of his older partner, they are only interested in sex.