The most absurd stories in the reasons for the outbreak of hostilities

Perhaps the most famous ancient military conflict that began with the ridiculous incident is considered the Trojan War. Since then kazusnyh reasons for war were many. There are even precedents when military operations conducted only one side, the other or do not know about them, or simply chose not to participate. But it's much worse when the silly and absurd situations are cause for real senseless bloodshed.

The most absurd stories in the reasons for the outbreak of hostilities The most absurd stories in the reasons for the outbreak of hostilities

As the Austrians defeated themselves at Caransebes

In 1788, the ruler of Austria, Joseph II planned to rid the Balkans from the Turkish enslavement, thereby extending its influence in the "European underbelly". The emperor collected a substantial army that crossed the border, and the Turks began preparations for the decisive battle. Late at night on September 19 hundred thousand Austrian troops went on a rapprochement with enemy forces near the town of Caransebes.

While waiting for the Turks, hussars saw a gypsy camp. Adventurous Roma proposed military refresh selling cavalry alcohol. After a time in the parking lot of profit infantry companies, and between fellow soldiers took alcohol heated conflict. During the altercation one trooper shot in the infantryman, provoking a general scuffle.

The most absurd stories in the reasons for the outbreak of hostilities

As a result of a night of confusion Austrians seemed that the Turkish side had joined the battle, and one of the commanders gave the order to "fire." Part of the Austrians, confident in the fact that the acts against the Turks, exerted a desperate resistance, rushing forward and reflecting attack. Thrown from his horse, Emperor Joseph barely escaped by jumping into the river nearby. By morning, the whole neighborhood was littered with abandoned arms, dead horses, and the thousands of victims of the Austrians. After a couple of days to the scene came bewildered Turks have the opportunity to take Caransebes without resistance. Over the entire period of the Turkish Sultan Abdul Hamid I, this event has become the largest and the easy victory of Turkish troops.

The War of the Pacific Islands and the victory of the typhoon

At the end of the 19th century prosperous state would seek at all costs zapoluchat all new territory that was considered a sign of greatness and power.

Particularly absurd incident happened at the shores of Samoa in 1889. USA and Germany at the Time compete for control of the Pacific islands, particularly conflicting about the Samoan archipelago. Following the military course "gunboat diplomacy", the warring parties ostentatiously sent to the Samoan capital of Apia harbor their fleet.

The most absurd stories in the reasons for the outbreak of hostilities

In the middle of March, the Americans and the Germans saw that the harbor is approaching a powerful tropical cyclone that threatened imminent destruction of all military units. To avoid this you could only term access to the open sea. However, neither Berlin nor Washington did not dare to move away from the shore first, because such a move would mean the recognition of their own destruction. The squadron remained in their seats until they were overtaken by a typhoon. Of all the ships in the bay survived only two: one for the enemy. And those in need of repair. What can we say about human victims - they numbered in the hundreds. After some time, the United States and Germany divided the island between them, securing permission Samoan crisis tripartite agreement.

"Football War" El Salvador and Honduras, which destroyed the economy of both countries

One of the most absurd wars in history known as the "Soccer War".

In the middle of the last century, seriously aggravated relations between Honduras and El Salvador, which resulted in a six-day armed conflict in July 1969. As equal members of the organization of trade and economic union of Central American countries, the state locked in trade battle. More advanced in terms of the economy of El Salvador acquired trading privileges that did not suit Honduras. Salvadoran peasants, suffering from a lack of land, moved to Honduras, captured the vacant areas and actively displaced from the Honduran business.

The most absurd stories in the reasons for the outbreak of hostilities

It is believed that the "Soccer War" got its name thanks to the immediate cause of the conflict - the loss of Honduran football team ideological opponents in the qualifying stage of the World Cup. Athletic defeat provoked riots and fights, as a result of El Salvador troops went to Honduras. Despite the brief war, this conflict cost both sides dearly enough. Killed thousands of people, together and trade relations were buried with them. It reached a series of economic setbacks, and a peace treaty was signed only after 10 years.

As Uganda per day unconditionally defeated USA

In the years 1971-1979 Uganda led by the notorious Idi Amin Dada, a man without even complete primary education. As an influential military, Amin acquired the presidency through a coup d'etat. His political activity is considered by historians as one of the most totalitarian African regimes that actively exploited by extreme nationalism and terror. The official title of Idi Amin has held at least a dozen stitches and consisted of all kinds of jewels up to the lord of animals and fish.

The most absurd stories in the reasons for the outbreak of hostilities

Ugandan president broke off diplomatic relations with almost all the world's nations. Came the quarrel with the United States. In 1975, Idi Amin declared war on the United States. A day later, he gathered journalists and made a statement on Uganda's unconditional victory in the ephemeral military conflict. It is not known whether the States in the course of its military failure, but Idi Amin is now officially considered a man, smashing to smithereens the American army.