"Horoscope devotion" or the most faithful zodiac among men. Part 2

Maestro, tush! As promised, we present to you the rest of the six signs of the zodiac's most loyal men. Perhaps our rating is not perfect, but it is based on the person our study.

The sixth place. Sagittarius

A Sagittarius man, moreover, is very sociable and friendly, yet very truthful, and very forthright in their statements and actions (although, all they are convinced of its enormous diplomacy). Therefore, entering into a relationship with a male archer to be prepared for the fact that the truth he would "shoot from the hip", and regularly. But it is the most childish sincerity and truthfulness zodiac sign. And yet, for all its thirst for diversity (and, incidentally, the intimate sphere is no exception to this rule), the archers are loyal to their mates, and never intentionally hurt them. In short, you can rely on the musketeers, and therefore the rating they occupy an honorable sixth place.

The fifth place. Libra

The symbol of the astrological sign of "Libra" - this is the golden scales, that is, men of this sign always seek harmony and perfect balance in everything. That is why man-scales will always give you a million councils, because he always has the perfect and harmonious solution to all problems. The biggest problem in cohabitation with such a man could be his pathological passion for order, that is, a woman must first be a great hostess, and then a perfect lover. Libra man often dream about the relationship on the side and even actively flirting with women, but that's all and end. Scales are on the fourth almost won a prize in our ranking of loyalty also because all their adventures, as a rule, remain unfulfilled fantasies, and the glory of God.

The fourth place. Virgo

Man-virgin - born analyst. He analyzes everything and everyone. Sometimes it may seem that it was nothing more and nothing needed except for the analytic process. Very long and thoughtfully, he will study your favorite woman, literally "spread it on the shelves." Then as long and thoughtfully, he will disassemble their attitude to it, and until he decides that he wants this woman, it may be that she has married another. But, if you live to see it, and the male virgin chooses you, you have a chance to be the lucky one of the lucky ones to be elected one of the most faithful and loyal signs of the zodiac. Male virgins rarely change their wives also because they are extremely fastidiously apply to any manifestations of lies and falsehood in relations. Given all the merits to male virgins awarded an honorable fourth place in the ranking.

The third place. Capricorn

One of the surest signs of the zodiac Men - Capricorn. Male ibex most disciplined and ambitious of all the zodiac signs. And they - and the most stable. Well, if Capricorn chose a lady of the heart, it will never compare it with others, and is unlikely to ever change his beloved. And by the way, for the men-goat is more important as it is for men scales sign what you hostess, not the way you combed, and if you are dressed in the latest fashion. The main thing for a man - Capricorn is loyalty and understanding on the part of the woman he loves. Even a hint of betrayal could end your relationship. He committed himself and will not tolerate breaches of obligations on the part of its halves. In short, the prize-winning third place in our ranking rightfully belongs to the man, Capricorn.

The second place. Leo

Almost perfect devotee man - a man born under the sign of fire lion. We will not once again be reminded of the fact that the lion - the king of beasts, the lion-man is not only hungry for power, but sometimes prevails over many people. This is because it is clear and without reminders, huh? Lions stately and courageous, but it is easy to buy into flattery. If you want to capture a lion, become for him, "an appreciative audience." Leo strives to be the only one for his beloved, and will never change it. The only reason that could push a lion to change, can only be your lack of attention to it, and desire to become a master in your league. Thus, the man-lion takes stellar second place in our ranking.

The first place. Taurus

And then, finally, we got to the most devoted among the twelve signs of the zodiac - bull. If your man - Taurus, you are indeed a happy woman. Life with him would be Determined tenderness, caring and romantic, and there is no threat from long-legged and busty (well, if you are suddenly a little different) beauties you should not be afraid. Man-cells - a perfect family man, a caring husband and father born. We do not seem to have enough of superior degrees to fully tell how well you are in luck, so we simply and modestly declare a winner. So, the first place prize is occupied by cells.