The actors of the film "Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears" then and now

36 years ago, Vladimir Menshov's film "Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears" received the "Oscar" as the "Best Foreign Language Film". Surprisingly, for the majority of the actors of the basic structure of the picture is not a breakthrough in the movie ...

Faith Alentova

75 years

The actors of the film The actors of the film

Actress Vera Alentova and director Vladimir Menshov, the author of the drama "Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears" - living proof that the love of your life - it's not a fairy tale. The director began courting future wife while studying at the Moscow Art Theater School, and already in the second year the poor, but the lovers were married students. However, the couple's relationship has not always been smooth, the couple parted even temporarily. But, having lived alone, Vladimir and Vera realized that they could not live without each other, moreover, they grew up the daughter of Julia. The film "Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears" was released as a future TV presenter Julia men'shovoy was 10 years old.

I wonder what his wife confirmed the role of the director is not immediately - she did not like the script. Menchov offered to play Katherine Irene Kupchenko, Margarita Terekhova and Anastasia Vertinsky, but the actress refused, and then rescued Alentova spouse.

Irina Muravyov

68 years

The actors of the film The actors of the film

18-year-old provincial town, dreaming to conquer Moscow, Irina Muraviev played in 30 years! Two years later Muraveva "raised the bar" and played a 17-year-old graduate in "Carnival." But Vera Alentova surpassed colleagues, because it at the time of filming, "Moscow" was 36 years old!

Three years ago, Irina Muraviev widowed: in 2014 it was not only the spouse, the director Leonid Eidlin with which artist lived in marriage for over 40 years.

Raisa Ryazanov


The actors of the film The actors of the film

Despite the success of the picture, in the career of the actress did not happen breakthrough, and in the 80s it began to offer and does only bit parts. Ryazanov rented apartment and "bomb" on his car. Now the actress plays in the theater Oleg Tabakov and starred in the series.

Alexei Batalov


The actors of the film The actors of the film

In June last year, actor, died in a Moscow hospital on the 89 th year of life. Health problems Alexei Vladimirovich began in January, when he broke his hip. In February, the actor underwent surgery, but his health did not improve. Batalov almost half a year did not leave the hospital room.

Batalov was known for his anti-Bolshevik principled position. The actor refused to play Lenin opposed the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia, an outspoken critic of Stalin (the victims of repression were members of the family Batalov).

Alexander Fatyushin


The actors of the film The actors of the film

Unlike his hero, hockey, Fatyushin from childhood was fond of football, playing in the national team of actors in Moscow and was friends with famous Soviet players. Fatyushin died in '52 due to pneumonia.

Boris Smorchkov


The actors of the film The actors of the film

The role of Nikolai in the movie "Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears" - one of the few major works of the actor. Morel continued to act in films until his death, but in small roles.

Natalia Vavilova

58 years

The actors of the film The actors of the film

The actress, who became a star after filming the movie "Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears" started with work in the school drama with a 15-year-old Dmitry Kharatyan, who then made his debut in a big movie. Natalia parents were opposed to her participation in the film and saw the daughter of the continuer of diplomatic dynasty, but the director Vladimir Menshov was delighted with Vavilov as Alexander Tikhomirov in the drama "Moscow ..." only saw her. The role of the heroine she taught a secret from their parents, and when the deception was revealed, his father put under house arrest Vavilov - prepare for admission to MGIMO. Even the entreaties of Menchov did not convince strict parents to let the daughter to the playground. Soften the anger of the family could only actor Alexey Batalov - Natasha's mother was a big fan of the actor. The strength of talent Batalov persuaded Vavilov not simply let go of the daughter to star in "Moscow ...", and even allow it to enter the Film Institute!

As you know, the role of Sasha Tikhomirova brought Vavilova wildly popular, but fatal for the actress, this picture has become not only because of the fame: on secular premiere, she met with the director Samvel Gasparov, her future husband. The couple are still together and married a few years ago.

Vavilov has long left the movie and has devoted herself to the care of the house and garden, as well as charity.

Yuri Vasiliev


The actors of the film The actors of the film

After graduating from GITIS, until the end of the life of an actor he was in the Maly Theater, and in the movie was playing mostly supporting roles, as in the melodrama "Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears". Actor died at 59 from a heart attack.