"Without papers you ... in the dark!". Internet users are divided startling revelations, which they learned from their birth certificate

Forgive us all of modern bureaucracy, dear friends, but let us not dissemble! Agree, a birth certificate - this is clearly not the document that has to bring somebody every day and wear in the inner pocket of the jacket, well, just fire.

Furthermore, are fighting to bet that most of our readers may be counted on the fingers of those cases where the birth certificate they really needed. Just here, you know what? Some stir in your peaceful, quiet and measured life, this unpretentious piece of paper to make all the same can.

What, you do not believe? Well, in that case this article is for you, because today we have prepared for you a selection of funny stories from users of social Reddit networks, which are divided by the stunning "revelations" that they are lucky to find out about yourself, looking in one day to own testimony birth.

"Do not you have a brother to me ..."

"We have always had a great friendly family - myself, my mother and brother. Although my brother and I was not sickly age difference, we have always had a great relationship, he took care of me, helped and supported. Then one day I needed my birth certificate, and you know what I saw there? In fact, my brother is not my brother. He - my father. Frankly, I do not even know if I should talk about it with my mom, or just to convince myself that some bug in a piece of paper, and forget about it. "

"Girl with a twist"

"I am a girl, I'm 19 years old. I recently soaped fly to vacation abroad, and it took me a birth certificate to apply for a visa. Honestly, it was the first time I took this piece of paper, so that I had not even looked into it. So, what, in fact, feature ... I do not know, with a fright, but in the "sex of the baby" is written in the certificate "M". Or in the hospital someone made a typo, or me it is time to fundamentally rethink their outlook on life. "

"I wish I did not do it!"

"I grew up with her mother and had never seen his father. She told me that her father died of a stroke when I was still an infant, and I have the explanation for his absence in my life was fine. So, I accidentally came across recently in the eyes of my birth certificate, and naturally there stood my father's name. Out of interest, I decided to zaguglit, and, damn, I wish I did not. It turned out that at one time he brutally raped and killed five people. Moreover, it is quite a lively and has more than 15 years of waiting for the death penalty in a maximum security prison. "


"The good old classic. In fact, I was adopted. My adoptive parents - wonderful people, but that really could not tell me about it himself, and not wait until I accidentally found out about it from his birth certificate? "

"Grammar-Nazi resent!"

"I think I just realized that I'm an idiot. Yesterday for the first time in his life saw his birth certificate. So, it turns out, I have more than twenty years of writing his name with two spelling errors. Damn, uncomfortable somehow. Although, I still do not like the way it's written, so that grammar-nazi, choke, I will continue to write, as he wrote. Nafig this testimony, long live the author's spelling! "

"The machine - a sacred thing"

"I just saw that I had on the birth certificate in the" Father "is blank, oddly enough, taking into account the fact that this" dash "is sitting next to her mother in the kitchen and drinking coffee. Tactfully asked the daddy with mommy, not whether they have adopted me accidentally. It turned out that there is. Just when his father had to sign the certificate, he did not come, because the repaired car. Dad, well, damn ... ".

"I have no official name"

"I am 14 years old. The day before yesterday, "favorite" aunt did not deny myself the pleasure to open my eyes to the truth and said that in fact, my parents made me "by aerial", and my mother did not want me, because for me she was forced to quit college. She was afraid to have an abortion, so I decided to write to me, and the refusal to give up for adoption, but changed her mind at the last second. At first I did not believe it, but found his birth certificate, and really, I do not even officially has no name, just say "a female child." How to live on? ".

"The three surprises in one piece of paper"

"When I was 17, I saw his birth certificate. So, why would I start? It turns out that the man I thought my father all my life, in fact, generally not a relative, I still I have a twin brother and two half-sister on the paternal side. Wow for evidence I went, huh? "

"Something is wrong here ..."

"Well, then, I just saw his birth certificate, and there is generally no names other than my own. What is wrong here? I was adopted? I have done in the test tube? I gemmate? In fact, I Reptilians? Now my parents have a very serious conversation ... ".