"Initially, cute and funny, and then painful and terrible," or what is dangerous relationship?

Relationship: successful, unsuccessful, happy, unhappy, word, and each has its own very difficult. And for what they are, you are always responsible both parties, but ... But there are among us, forgive us for such a definition, "instances", to enter into a relationship, which can be dangerous. That is to intersect, communicate, work together, but to build a relationship with them - no, no.


It is not necessary to call a psychopath one who once lost his temper, gave way to anger, or behaved uncharacteristically and unacceptable to you, inadequately. It's just an emotional outburst - no more. Psychopath - is the common medical definition, denoting a person with mental pathologies. But sometimes, to understand that next to you a psychopath, you can have after you associate it with his life.

Skilled speakers, they always seem to be highly educated, intelligent companions. "Savvy" in almost everything they can successfully maintain a conversation on any topic, but to be careful, you can pretty quickly notice patterns and "home-made" to allow them to talk for a long time, and colorfully about anything. They cleverly disguised and pretend to love and care, but the real deep feelings and warmth they are not available. That is why they have a very weak bond with your loved ones and real friends and not at all. And no matter how "darling" did not seem to you a psychopath, selfishness and inability to love others - is the fundamental quality of its personality and, alas, it is not amenable to change, even if you love for two.

A liar and a manipulator

Psychopaths - pathological liars and manipulators. You should not even try to tell them that, for example, they have broken a promise or intentionally hurt you. They immediately will justify and prove it is yours, and certainly not his fault what happened. You should not even try to appeal to the conscience of a psychopath, for this body to the "assembly" of the psychopath was not even provided.

Caught in such a relationship, you will gradually fall into addiction and lose touch with reality. Life is like a looking glass, you feel that there is something that is not so, but that is not the case, you can not understand. In the saddest cases, you may be a victim of emotional and even physical violence.

Narcissistic personality

The proportion of healthy narcissism hurt anyone, it even helps to realize their talents to become a successful and treat yourself with respect. Personality disorder is a pathological narcissism. Consider some inherent narcissistically organized personalities traits. Daffodils firmly convinced that they are absolutely and undeniably exceptional. What would you do with them is not talking, the conversation will certainly be reduced to its extraordinary person. To achieve a balance in the relationship with a narcissist is almost impossible. For the basic features inherent in them, it is envy and constantly pursuing their deeply hidden from others a sense of shame. What really is the balance with this set. Its a shame they will constantly throw at you.

In order to feel better, the rose will shame you for any occasion: a shame and a primitive is in the popcorn movie, ashamed to be such a loser and be the only vice president of the company, such a shame to cook a hearty meal. The list is endless. And if he has something to envy, then get ready for veiled humiliation, affectionate rudeness and lowering your self-esteem through the floor compliments. If it happened, and you become the object of sympathy narcissus, then first you will be absolutely ideal. But you do not have time to believe in such happiness in love and admiration for such a special person like you simply devalue. This is quite apart from your behavior. This is an inevitable process, it must be admitted as a fact, and be very careful if you still has managed to be in a relationship with a narcissist.

dependence on alcohol and drugs

to enter into relations with the chemically dependent persons is strictly not recommended. And this without comment. But a few words about how they "calculate", we still say. They are not able to adequately plan something, and even a couple of steps forward to calculate their actions and their consequences. They are illogical, inconsistent and impatient. Instantly irritated and in the worst case, fall into a riot. Problems, even small ones, and decide them extremely annoying, everything should be solved instantly and naturally.

They were thrown from one extreme to another. They can not separate their emotions from feelings, so often do not understand neither themselves nor others themselves. Pointless to ask them a question: "Why?". They do not know why they are now done so, and what they will do in a few hours. If you are in a relationship with a person's mental state is dependent on alcohol or drugs, you will inevitably become co-dependent. And in the end, we probably will return to the beginning, and we recall that the development of relations in response to both parties, and therefore be fully responsible for yourself and you will be happy!