"In the depths of family albums" or more clearly unsuccessful photos that will make you laugh heartily

"Stop, moment, you're beautiful!" - how many times since the great Goethe, the phrase repeated by all and sundry, especially judging by the number of family photos, which so tenderly typically include grandparents, was not lazy parents to their grandchildren .

And even though our current selection will cause you to doubt the sanity of some of them, we simply could not help but share with you these pearls of family albums. We enjoy - enjoy now you.

"Kitty and Doggie"

And obviously as this photo was taken, at least, by mutual desire, but at most ... we somehow think that animals are not made aware of additional shooting parties. The question of what caused the cucumber and tomato colors of the photo, we do not even try to ask yourself, but you try to answer the question of who gets eaten first?

"Birds" and "gun"

or propriety still be called this picture "Guns and carcasses"? For some evil inside us whispers to us that at the end of shooting this lovely bird can go to the soup. Painfully bloodthirsty smile, these "bird watchers".

Papa with a hatchet ...

What a lovely family, is not it? Well, at least, the smiling. But here's what's interesting: papa decided to warm hatchet before zarubit mother, or feels "caruncle" before ... oh, something we even got sick to further develop this fotoideyu.

"jealous guys!"

But there is clearly a hatchet would be useful papa, mama if we did not teach the son not so carnivorous licking their lips in the frame. We have everything. Otherwise we in the assumptions can go too far.

The family Jeans

Looking for a clearly winter outfit this family, we can only rejoice that the photographs convey only the image, not the flavors. Such a number of carcasses in jeans at a temperature clearly above the 30-degree heat, according to the "sweating" the palm trees in the background, should issue if not the stench, the unpleasant smell - exactly.

This photo should, perhaps, was to express something very conceptual

Let's start with the fact that in this life, obviously there is no balance. If the previous photo shows us people who are dressed as they say, "to the eyeballs" in the heat of 30 degrees, this family decided to simply "score" on some kind of odezhku and remove naked. It is likely that the secret meaning hidden in this picture, which is perhaps known only to the family, but from the outside it looks very strange picture. But as you know, "cockroaches" are different.


Oh, those animal lovers! Here is a trio, for example. Whether they decide to feed the third extra starved doggie, whether dogs were not warned about the photo shoot, but to pets is clearly not like the idea of ​​the owners. Although perhaps they just can not wait to get to the food, or to deal with each other.

The latex is always in fashion

What can I say? Interesting idea, do not say anything. Only here the children in this picture well, obviously out of place. We can not say that this latex outfit for a woman - it's a failure. It is likely that somewhere, so to speak, in a more intimate setting, it can be used, but the family Christmas photo is clearly not for this sexy outfit.

"Ah, this wedding!"

But if it is fair, just, and do not understand, in honor of the event, this picture was taken? Wedding? Maybe. The funeral? Too likely. Therefore we give to speak to you about some events realized the half-naked men. We are waiting for your comments.

"Find 10 differences!"

The typical picture of the 1980s, is that the models happened a split personality, or have something has happened to your eyesight. Actually, except to offer you to look for these very differences (and suddenly you find them), we have nothing more to say about this picture.

"Family photos without panties"

What really is the interior, if the photos on the memory decided to make a little family of nudists. Looking at them, for some reason reminded of baby definition of the word "nudist" - these are the people who come home, undress, go through the rooms and nudyatsya, I mean - weary, well, or, as in this case, take photos.

"Black Label"

However, it would be better to call this photo "tags fist". And that's what we are interested in, so that's how long the guy realized that he was not the father of the child? Judging by the freshly baked black eye from the mother, it happened very recently, it is likely that even in the time of shooting.

"No comment,"

So now you have seen everything and more. Family photos on the background of the birth, that is, we would even say intrapartum photo. And why it does not cause us to emotion?

"The large rabbits"

Well, very large rabbits. Perhaps this was a picture of Easter, but it seems this "bunnies" will not save even such an incredible number of rabbits.

We are very, very much and once again very much hope that there is a photo such as these in your family albums, well, at least from a man-and chadolyubiya. Remember, your children are the same will be watching!