The real cure for a hangover

Each has its own special techniques to treat a hangover. The question is, which ones actually work and which ones are more than common myths? Insider publication correspondent spoke with registered dietitian Raspberry Linkus Malkani of Wholitarian Lifestyle those of conventional funds, which should not be trusted.

Fatty foods

The real cure for a hangover The real cure for a hangover

Eating fatty food - one of the most popular remedies for a hangover, but Dr. Malkani argues that this way you can actually achieve the opposite result.

"Fatty foods the next morning can cause stomach irritation," says nutritionist. - However, a good meal before drinking alcohol - is really important, whether it is fat food or not. "

Instead of fatty foods it offers, after a festive night there nonaggressive complex carbohydrates, such as toast or crackers to calm the stomach.

The use of alcohol "for opohmelki"

The real cure for a hangover

Dr. Malkani believes that glass of alcohol can temporarily impair the morning hangover symptoms, but they will come back after some time, and may even intensify. She advises instead of a new portion of alcohol to drink clean water.

Sweet food

The real cure for a hangover

Although the use of sugary foods can help restore blood glucose levels, which falls due to consumption of alcohol, it is best to do this with the fruit. "Fruit can also restore normal blood glucose, but they contain also fiber, which slows the absorption of sugar and helps prevent sharp fluctuations of glucose levels as a result of the use of sweet food," - said the expert.


The real cure for a hangover

According to Malkani, no evidence that taking supplements can help with a hangover, do not exist.

"Some additives, such as juice Korean pears, could possibly help but to say for sure, more research is needed," - says nutritionist.

The activated carbon

The real cure for a hangover

It is believed that activated charcoal helps to reduce the amount of alcohol absorbed by the body and thus can weaken the hangover. However, to date there is no scientific evidence of the effect of the use of activated charcoal as a remedy for a hangover.

"Activated carbon is prescribed by doctors for the treatment of food poisoning. When ingested, it does not allow the gastrointestinal tract to absorb harmful chemicals, but it is not well react with alcohol, and besides, at that time, when we comes the hangover, alcohol has been absorbed.

The beer as an alternative to wine and spirits

The real cure for a hangover

How severe intoxication subjected our body depends on what dose of alcohol we drank. On average, a standard glass of wine (150 ml), strong drink or a glass (40 milliliters) is as much alcohol as beer bottle includes a standard (500 milliliters). "If you prefer to drink beer and a smaller amount of the drink based on alcohol than in the case of drinking wine or hard liquor, the degree of hangover will not be as strong. However, incorrect to assume that any amount of beer will lead to fewer hangovers than the spirits. "

So what is it that really helps with a hangover?

Dr. Malkani said that the only known cure for a hangover, alas, is the only time. "The body will break down the alcohol for a period of 8 to 24 hours depending on the features of your metabolism," - she explained.

Although the time - the only real cure for a hangover, Malkani also said that there are several ways to prevent alcohol poisoning. Firstly, you need to eat well for some time before drinking. Secondly, you should drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration. And most importantly, try to limit a small amount of alcohol.