What are the salaries in Hollywood?

You want to work in Hollywood? Unfortunately, the likelihood of becoming a movie star is very small - about 1 to 1, 2 million, according to "The Book of chance" - but you still remains a possibility to get a job on the sidelines. And even if she did not pay for millions of worthy life you still ensured.

What are the salaries in Hollywood?

So how much is actually given to those who work in the film industry? Website "The Hollywood Reporter" recently published a list of wages, which are usually paid to employees engaged in the production of high- and low-budget films.

We combined this and several other studies (for example, took the figures from the site for the study of earnings "Payscale.com"), to get a clear idea about how many people earn working in the film industry.

Here's what you can expect if you manage to break into Hollywood:


"The Hollywood Reporter" reported that the Hollywood superstars can easily earn 15 to 20 million dollars per film, shot them in the lead roles. Actors starring in big-budget movies like "Star Wars: The Awakening forces" are about 1, 5 to 4, 5 million dollars per film.. In this case, less well-known actors such as Gal Gadot of "Wonder Woman" or Henry Cavill of "Man of Steel" is produced for the film just 150-300 thousand. Dollars, despite the fact that the shot in the lead roles.

As reported by "Payscale", the average salary of the actors as a whole - in the productions, TV series and films, without separation biggest role - much less: 50 529 USD per year.

Make-up artist

Middle makeup artist who works in the film industry, earning about $ 48 an hour, which would be about 75 thousand dollars a year. However, for a large project a good makeup artist can get a substantial sum - from $ 124 thousand and more.. But, as reported by "Payscale", the average salary of a makeup artist in general, not only in the cinema, it is 17, 79 dollars an hour.


Cameraman busy filming movies and TV series, receives an average of just under $ 50,000 per year. However, if you manage to get a big-budget movie shooting, then your salary will be about 154 thousand dollars a year.


In the latter judgment Guild writers said that the level of fees for the original script must be at least $ 72,600, and for the adaptation of the book - at least $ 63 500. In addition, these talents like Aaron Sorkin can safely get behind the scenario of US $ 3-5 million . The average salary of a writer - 72,414 dollars.


"Payscale" reports that the average salary of the producers of films and TV series is only 66 121 USD. But with an average Hollywood producer receives from $ 750,000 to $ 1 million. For the film, but a beginner can earn up to $ 250 000. The film producers with successful box office can get tens of millions of dollars for a single picture.

Mic Operator

The man, whose work is to hold the microphone over the heads of the actors, but outside the frame - or mic operator - earns about $ 37,000 per job in low-budget films, $ 72,000 for a normal average movie and up to $ 120,625 for high-budget films, as reported by "Hollywood Reporter ".


Directors, working on his first film with a big budget, it can earn on the order of 500 000 dollars, but if you remove the superhit, you can expect more. Patty Jenkins, who directed "Wonder Woman", was awarded $ 1 million., And after the film climbed to second place in the rating box office, she agreed to work on a sequel for a fee of eight to nine million dollars.

Senior Mechanical working

Work mechanics install and maintain all necessary for camera and lighting equipment, including trolleys on rails, tripods, cranes and so on. Senior worker mechanic who is responsible for the work of all the teams of mechanics, gets an average of $ 113,920 for the big-budget film, and from $ 25 to $ 35 per hour for work in films and serials with a low budget.