How not to gain weight during the holidays

How not to gain weight during the holidays

That's right, and there will come the most anticipated holiday of millions of people, accompanied by universal joy, a rich table, bursting with delicious delicacies and champagne liters. Not surprisingly, that after all the holidays, many of us notice that on jeans began to loom unpresentable fold, and the "second 90" stretched outwards. To avoid the painful weight loss after the holidays, it is necessary to take care of the measures that will not gain too much during the New Year.

How not to gain weight during the holidays

1. In order to avoid bloating ...

Control the amount of fiber you eat. Fiber can quickly saturate, while not burdening the body extra calories. If for the New Year's table you give preference to vegetable salads, you will see that too much to eat just does not work.

We love this essential element of a balanced diet, helps to speed up metabolism and excretion of toxins, and believe that no fiber can not be dispensed. But we hasten to warn you: too many vegetable salads and fruit desserts certainly turn bloating and discomfort in the gut.

How not to gain weight during the holidays

2. Do not abuse alcohol.

Irrefutable fact: alcohol always makes us eat more, losing moderation in eating. Cocktails - the most insidious enemy: we never limit ourselves to one, and yet similar drinks are not only high in calories, but represent a danger to the liver a combination of sweet with a firm. But champagne, by the way, along with other alcoholic beverages contributes to strong stomach bloating, which immediately affect the figure We encourage you to limit a couple of glasses of champagne or dry wine in the New Year's Eve or not to drink at all. If the meal is not complete without a drink, be sure to drink plenty of water: so you can avoid drunkenness and overeating at the same time.

How not to gain weight during the holidays

3. In order to keep the shape ...

As quickly as possible renew training routine

If you feel that you are close to a glut of food, long feasts and alcohol - it's time to go back to his training regimen. Begin with light exercise or reduce the usual time training: so you can gradually adjust your body to work and return to a normal lifestyle.

Remember that exercise accelerate metabolism, and high metabolism - a key factor in maintaining a graceful figure. Believe me, your body and mind will be even for the next year are thankful for what you have overcome your laziness and idleness, time remembering about healthy habits.

How not to gain weight during the holidays

4. Include in the diet of proteins

Proteins - the main "builder" of the body and, above all, strong, strong muscles, happy holders of which almost never face the problem of excess weight, as opposed to people who completely ignore any physical activity. It is the most nutrient rich, which is difficult to trigger overeating.

As the main source of protein, choose lean meats of all kinds, fish, seafood, eggs, and do not forget about vegetable proteins - nuts, beans, cereals.

How not to gain weight during the holidays

5. In order not to gain extra kilos ...

reduce portions

The easiest way is not to deprive yourself of a festive meal and at the same time not harm the figure - is there anything you want, but very small portions. After all, when we lean on large and heavy meals, our bodies have difficulty digesting food, the stomach and literally grows in size, passing awarding us an unpleasant feeling of heaviness and swelling.

Nutritionists advise to "find room" their portion in the palm: so even the most high-calorie dishes are unlikely to harm you or your waistline. Also, try not to eat all in one sitting, and split the meal into several stages.

How not to gain weight during the holidays

6. Eat slower

Slow meals - one of the key factors of a healthy diet, and it's not just "the holiday of discharge." When you eat too quickly, you swallow air, which causes heaviness and bloating. In addition, you do not give the body to timely feel the saturation, and as a result, overeat.

Try eating at least twenty minutes - this will help you to feel when to stop. But in any case do not align the meals with your favorite movies or reading books - so you can easily lose control over the amount of food eaten, even if you have very slow.

How not to gain weight during the holidays

7. To look perfect after the holidays ...

Drink more water

Water - our best friend. It speeds up the metabolism, Uluchay digestion, improves mood imperceptibly, avoiding stress to the body in the form of dehydration, a positive effect on the skin and appearance in general. Drinking enough water, we always look fresh and rested. About 6-8 glasses of pure non-carbonated water per day - the mandatory minimum, especially during the holidays, when we eat a lot of salty foods and drinking alcohol. You can also add to your menu more foods containing water, cucumbers, citrus, tomatoes, lettuce, and if you can find in January, watermelon or cantaloupe.

8. Give yourself a chance every day

Quickly jump to the routine festive culinary abundance is not so simple: accustomed to eat certain foods, and we can not convince at once in large quantities, the body that in fact he is not hungry.

Tempted yet another sumptuous meal, do not worry and do not stop put himself in shape. The main thing - to set the overall direction and gradually return to a healthy, balanced diet. Do not judge yourself too severely, and give yourself a new chance after each failure.