"And you know what madness is this?". mental hospitals workers talk about their most horrible patients

Even despite the fact that over the past few decades, psychiatry has considerably stepped forward and learned quite successfully cope with a variety of mental illnesses, and such terrible treatments like electroshock and lobotomy, it has long since become something of a heritage of barbaric past, there still in mental hospitals is something from which the skin shivers involuntarily run. Agree White House with soft walls - this is probably the last place in which it wished to be the vast majority of us.

And even someone who, if not the people who every day have to come to work in the "Durkee" do not know the answer to the question of what is it that is madness. So today we decided to gather our readers a small selection of stories from psychiatric hospitals workers who talk about their most horrible, frightening and totally insane patients.


"We in the department lay a young girl, let it be Jane, who has suffered from several fairly severe disorders. The very first night in our hospital corpsman during nightly rounds found Jane in a pool of blood. She managed by their own fingernails to tear off a strip of skin with a sickly face and almost completely skinned his leg. After that we took action, and it was under constant surveillance. She had a strange trick, every night before bed, she avoided his room several times and be baptized every angle. "

"One night Jane raged so much that we even had to call security. When she was finally overpowered, I went to her room to talk, and said, "Jane, my dear, why you attacked the nurses, you now something has upset?". She laughed, looked me straight in the eye and said: "What makes you think that you're talking to Jane, you're a piece of meat?". Ugh, still takes the horror. "

"Why do not you be my mother!"

"I worked in a psychiatric hospital pharmacist. We then lay one guy that I gave out medicines. I did not know who he is and how he got here, but he was always very pleasant and nice. He ran out into the hallway to say hello to me, calling me "Mrs. Jones" or "Ma'am", always smiled sweetly and tried to start a conversation. We managed to make friends with him, and sometimes I even secretly brought him chocolates and different little things of little shop in the lobby. "

"Once a nurse noticed as I chat with him in the hallway, and when I was leaving, one of them took me by the arm, led him aside and asked," Are you really gone crazy? You settle? "In the next room. At first I did not appreciate such a violent reaction, but girls quickly remembered that I was brand new and did not know all the local nuances. They told me that the guy with whom I communicate so cute, is here for more than 15 years. "

"When he was in first grade, he fell in love with his young teacher in drawing, and although he had a happy family, he regularly asked her to, she took him in and became his mother. In the end, six-year boy stabbed his mother in a dream only to his teacher could finally adopt him. In general, all working women-girls is strictly forbidden to communicate with him and to establish a close relationship. "

"She loved the pictures"

"My sister - the chief doctor at the psychiatric hospital. Recently, they brought a girl who cut their hands, legs and belly and stuffed into wound more than twenty pictures of her family. "

Biological Threat

"We lay in the nuthouse one man. In addition to schizophrenia he had HIV. The voices in his head told him that we were all nurses, want to kill, rape or make him even something worse, so every time we went into the room, he bites through his lip and spat at us infected blood. The authorities forbade to approach him without a mask and protective suit. "

Lord of the Flies

"My father was a psychiatrist. He recalled that he had once had a patient who told me while taking a long time and in detail about how he has sex with flies. "

More blood

"The most terrible patient that I remember most of all was the one girl 27 years old, who considers himself a vampire. By itself, such a delirium are often, but it locked up to us after she had killed her two children to drink their blood, and in the hospital she had to cut the throat of one careless orderly. "

"Daddy, I'm ready,"

"Social services gave us a girl. She recently turned 14 years old and more than half of the life of her father regularly raped. We had to change clothes in her hospital gown, but she did not react either to me or to other nurses, all the while silent and staring at one point. Then I tried myself to take off her clothes, and then she looked at me in silence, very slowly undressed herself, got on all fours, turned and said: "Begin, Dad, I'm ready!". It was the most horrible scene I have ever seen. "