"From the heart and soul!" And a few stories about the murders committed in the St. Valentine's Day

On this Valentine's Day! Just imagine how you go to your favorite supermarket, and there instead of the usual standard conditions run a lot of different people trying to randomly choose what to buy the lady of the heart, or his beloved gentleman. Shelves at the supermarket is not inundated with sausage and teddy bears, dogs, hearts, kittens, and other miscellaneous rubbish. And then you realize that on 14 February it is just a day-apocalypse.

Yes, of course, for many people it is very important, but not always Valentine's Day ends with violent and hot sex (which is a secret waiting). Unfortunately, the weight of the massacres committed in the day, which then fall into the criminal chronicles. So, today we have prepared for you a selection of a few stories about Valentine's Day, which resulted in a very bloody.

is not the right gift on Valentine's Day (2016)

The quarrels between Lashondoy Terry and her friend Courtney Jackson gradually increased and in one point escalated into physical violence, which later became fatal. Law enforcement authorities arrived at the home, Terry after receiving reports that it could be heard shouting and swearing. When they entered the house, they found Jackson "with two heavy knife wounds" in the upper part of his body. The police immediately called an ambulance, but all attempts were in vain to help the guy, and he was pronounced dead at the hospital Phoebe Sumter. Terry was arrested for murder. Her lawyer says Lashonda protect yourself when Jackson began to show aggression to it due to the fact that the woman did not like his gift.

The woman's body, to stuff in garbage bags (2007)

Stephen Gran filed an application to the local police about the disappearance of his wife, Tara Grant, only after five days. Already in the area so the man argued his later appeal to law enforcement agencies so that Tara is not the first time for so long left the house. Before disappearing, Stephen overheard a very interesting conversation with his wife, by someone unknown. She was on the phone: "I'll meet you at the exit of the parking lot." After this conversation, the woman without telling her husband just turned around and went nowhere. The police began to develop the theory that Tara could go to her lover, and thus simply to break off relations with her current husband, but a survey of acquaintances, friends and relatives immediately dismissed this theory, as the words of Stephen, who claimed that it was not the first time she leaves the house. All it characterized as a normal woman who loved her husband and would never have gone to treason. A few weeks later surveys all the friends the couple police came to the home of Stephen with the Order of the search warrant. They found a portion of the container body, hidden in garbage bag in the garage. In addition, law enforcement officers found latex gloves, which were covered in blood. After opening the body of Tara County Coroner Daniel Spitz she said that, based on the results, Tara Grand "died of strangulation, and then she was raped and dismembered."

The jealous ex-boyfriend (2009)

Tina Nouts and James Carter met at a dating site. Family girls this young man did not like immediately, and frankly they did not understand what she found there. For the life of Tina it was very purposeful. She received her master's degree at Harvard University, had a good job and was listed as a very responsible worker. James, in turn, not very successful in life. Mom girl said: "I do not know what she found in this guy. Personally, we had not seen each other, I could see him only in photographs that showed me my daughter, and I just did not like it. Maybe it's the parent intuition. After just six months of dating, I knew that Carter was sentenced to five months in prison for having beaten his previous girl. It told me herself, Tina. She also added that it was not the only accusation in his direction. My daughter decided to end the relationship and even made a court ban, which did not allow Carter to approach the girl closer than 500 meters. After that, he began to pursue my girl. She repeatedly complained to us on this. We have applied to the police about this, but there is, alas, have not taken it seriously. Tina was in the area of ​​33 times in six weeks. In Valentine's Day my daughter, as usual, went to his apartment, but already there it was expecting Carter. Man attacked his ex-girlfriend, and stabbed her 20 times. She was able to dial 911 and said: "I bleed. My ex-boyfriend attacked me. " Stephen confessed to the crime and was convicted of second-degree murder.