Rules of life of the writer Frederic Beigbeder

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Rules of life of the writer Frederic Beigbeder

I was born in 1965, when the Beatles were heard everywhere and the Rolling Stones. I think I heard Rubber Soul (album The Beatles -. Esquire), while he was in the belly of the mother.

My parents are from the bourgeoisie, they believed in the revolution. But my generation has believed all politicians crooks and liars. We laughed at them and did not trust anyone. But so what? Thirty years later, and the irony of nowhere I failed. Probably not worth while to laugh at the world and try to change it.

Instead of admiring someone, people prefer to hate. It was the era of trolls and haters.

I always envied my parents, because of their youth seemed to me more fun than my own. They saw the Second World War, then liberation sixties. And what I saw? When I was seven, the economic crisis, and then - the computer revolution. In short, no fun.

All those who killed our Bataclan, who fired at the journalists Charlie Hebdo, - a bunch of crazed losers. Sleep lonely guys who can not fuck the girl and that is not allowed in the club.

I'm 51 - and I will never be young and arrogant bastard, how I used to be.

The pursuit of pleasure - the only living ideology. Today there is another utopia except the one in which you were having dinner at a fancy restaurant, you sit in a luxury car and you go into a five star hotel. During the Muslim invasion, I do not believe it.

In the 30-ies of the last century, people invented the radio, cinema, and then - propaganda. We all know what it led to. Today we have the internet, facebook, twitter, instagram, but we did not suspect what it portends.

I saw Prince on his last concert in Paris. He never sang, but played jazz, because he so wanted. The audience was bored. A year later, Prince was dead.

If a girl is gentle with me, I consider it the most beautiful in the universe. If you refuse to kiss - girls and nastier than you can imagine.

I think "99 francs" has become such a popular novel in France, because I used a lot of marketing techniques: slogans, advertising phrases and so on. This is one of the first novels, which allowed this crap to join the literature.

Visit Jerusalem - it's like to feel the effect of eyforetikov, health is only useful.

I like to follow the accidents. When you suddenly meet a friend, you decide to drink a glass, and come to the senses only six in the morning - this is the best parties. They are unexpected, like falling in love.

As a child, I was a good student, a quiet and shy boy. Then I turned 16, I began to rebel. The difference between me and any normal person in that my awkward age still does not end.

I will never know what it means to be a rock star. And I was very upset. At the site of the destroyed World Trade Center towers in New York to build a tower of freedom with excellent bar on the top floor. This is so cool! "Okay, you can kill us, but we do not stop to drink mojitos. You will shoot at us? Bartender! Three caipirinha, please. "

If a person is good-looking and successful, I do not think that for this he deserves hatred.

In fact I dream to sit in his garden, looking over the Atlantic Ocean and to write poems about the decline.

Maybe in a few years I'll just drinking all-forgotten man.

Do all the things we dream - it is to sleep with a beautiful Russian model? Pustovato somehow, do not you think?

I thought that the father left his mother for another lifetime. It turned out, that she left him.

Before the release of the first critics of the novel looked at me as a clown, and now - like a mad old man.

Ten years ago, when I went to bookstores to meet with readers, there were crowds of young girls, and now - for the most part my grandmother.

My daughter read mostly "Twilight."

Do not be afraid to fight, even if before you windmills.