American kicks out of life, earning

Several years ago, Brian Kelly worked in the personnel department of Morgan Stanley, earned, like everyone else, not that much, went on a business trip and wanted to travel. Now he makes his living by flying first class and free to spend at least two weeks per month in airplanes and hotels. Brian Kelly has a blog, where he shares tips on how to profitably change the accumulated bonuses or miles for a cheap ticket to first class.

American kicks out of life, earning

Meet Brian Kelly, 34 years old. In 2011, he gave up a stable job at Morgan Stanley, to create a blog about travel and the use of air miles.

Now he is two weeks in a month spent in the most elegant first-class cabin - for free.

Of the latter flights - from Hong Kong to San Francisco Singapore Airlines for 92,000 miles of bonus program Singapore KrisFlyer and costs 78 dollars.

And the flight from John F. Kennedy Airport (JFK) American Airlines to London for 62,500 bonus miles and 18 dollars 10 cents.

Travel Brian Kelly is not only limited to airplanes and hotels. In the photo - Kelly in Africa. "I'm a fan of Africa, and South Africa - my great love. I love animals, vineyards and wine-making, people and food - South Africa is incredibly beautiful, where you can live like a king on a modest budget. "

Kelly likes diving. In the photo - Thailand.

Kelly passion to accumulate bonuses began when he was 12 years old. He finds inspiration his father's business: he traveled a lot for work, and his son often book tickets for him.

Kelly began to collect bonus miles father. That same year, he used the accumulated miles to organize a family trip to the Cayman Islands. "That feeling I experienced was my drive for life." By the time Kelly was a student at the University of Pittsburgh, he already had a gold status of American Airlines. "I was a student with no income, but suddenly flew first class from time to time."

Kelly soon found that there is a whole community of people who are just like him, obsessed with the accumulation of bonus miles.

And yet he still could not figure out how to turn your passion into a successful career. At 22, Kelly moved to New York and got a job in retail, where the rest could be two weeks every year. "I was earning 45,000 dollars a year and barely making ends meet. I used all the accumulated miles and stopped traveling altogether: pay rent, living in poverty - and for so many years. "

In 2007, Kelly was in command Morgan Stanley. Then he thought: "I'll be rich!" But the financial crisis broke. A team of six people was reduced to one - himself.

"Working sucked out of me all the strength I had to fire a lot of people. Every Sunday I opened the mail, and my stomach is twisted spasm - came a letter with the name of the next person who needs to be fired. "

"I desperately wanted to escape from New York from the heavy atmosphere that prevailed there. Just at this time, the tourist industry began to give crazy bonuses. I got a million of bonuses in a year, so my friend and I flew first class to the Seychelles. "

Over the next two years, Kelly began to sell their tips for bonus miles online and on the phone, get a small fee for tickets booked on his advice.

As a result, for the convenience of Kelly created a blog where every night has published one life hacking. Soon Brian Kelly began to learn - at a cocktail party in New York, he was approached by a stranger and said, "Hey, you're a points man (. Blog name - Ed.).!"

After a friend convinced Kelly that his site can be monetized through affiliate advertising. "At that time I was mikroinflyuenserom, but I was sitting on a gold mine, and did not realize it." The first post, which became viral, brought him 30 thousand dollars in profit in one day. Seven months later, in June 2011, Kelly retired from Morgan Stanley and flew to Asia.

In 2012, Kelly has decided to sell the site on the condition that will keep control over what is connected with the content and creativity: "No stress, no bookkeeping and documents."

Brian Kelly's favorite airline - Emirates. "I love the Airbus A380. Quiet, beautiful plane in first class two showers. And there really is almost at hand are passengers, regardless of class. "

The biggest mistake people trying to accumulate miles, Kelly calls that they give up before you start.

"People give up and upset because, they say, no one was taught to do it. But as soon as you arm yourself with knowledge and information, ask yourself a goal and go for it. "