"Call my child Exorcist"! Parents talk about the most horrible things that they had heard from their children

Every parent is well-known that the little pranksters can often speak some strange things and test the nerves of adult strength rather unusual questions. Some invent imaginary friends, while others describe in detail the "babaek" in the closets and under the beds, but some manage to bring their parents to the state of the acute shortage in the body validol phrases from the category of "though stand, though fall."

Today we have prepared for you a selection of stories from parents who still can not figure out what was going on in the mind of their beloved offspring when their innocent questions and comments made to the mother and father to think seriously about whether they look in Internet ticket for exorcist.

"Daddy, I'm going to kill you when I was seven,"

One of the users of the social network Reddit decided to share the eerie story of how his six year old daughter said the happy father of a family of his plans for the seventh birthday.

"Once we were in the car at the supermarket, my six year old princess was sitting in the back seat. Suddenly she thoughtfully looked at me and said, "Daddy, when I was seven years old, I'm probably going to kill you." I am thinking that my daughter is so weird jokes, I asked with a smile at her, "How did you do it, honey?". "I will move you to the head of the machine itself," - she replied confidently, and then added: "No, I changed my mind, I'll do it when I was eight!". Now here I do not know, I can give her a shotgun? ". I do not know what it's like to hear what your child of six planned your murder, but sincerely hope that the girl was joking, and the eighth day of the birth of little girl daddy still lucky enough to survive.

"My mother, my brother a monster, let him bury"

Certainly, many parents who are planning a second child, at heart a little worried about how the eldest son will accept the news of the appearance of a little brother or sister. History, which has decided to share another wearer Reddit, demonstrates that not all children are so glad wonderful news.

"My husband and I had a second child, and we are the first to show him our three year old daughter. She stood next to newborn brother, looked at him, then at me, then back at him and gave: "Mom, what is the little brother, it's a monster, we have to bury him." Let's just say we were a bit surprised. "

"Dad, close your eyes,"

Sometimes small children manage to shock their parents, not only strange phrases, but also creepy actions. Here is the story of another user Reddit, after which the poor father finally came to believe that his little son will not interfere with the meeting Exorcist.

"We went with the kids to the pool, and all of a sudden, when we swam, Jr. asked me:" Dad, close your eyes! ". I think he wants to somehow make a joke or fool around, but when I actually closed my eyes, the devil grabbed me by the hair and began to sink. I sincerely hope that he played. " So much for the "Dad, close your eyes."

Annabel v.2.0

Young children often invent ourselves imaginary friends, play puppet tea and think that their toys come alive at night. However, the story told naReddit the father, is more like not a child's game, but the real horror film.

"One day my son found in the basement of some old doll and all the time was running with it. When I asked what it is, he replied that it was his new doll, her name is Doll and she tells him stories. He also added that once upon a time it was a big, big, and now a little, and she likes to play a game of "close your eyes and go to sleep forever." Me it's a bit wary, but, as it turned out, it's flowers. A few days later the son came to me and my wife in the evening and complained that when the doll opens her eyes, she makes him sick. We asked him to leave the damn doll in our room, so she "slept" but he categorically refused, looked me straight in the eye and said: "No, tonight Doll would not sleep, she needed to do something in the house." Tomorrow, we go with her son to a psychologist. "


And the last story from another wearer of social networks at last. "Once at night, when her husband was on a business trip, I woke up from what seemed to me that someone is looking at me. Right next to the bed was my little daughter with a kitchen knife. She was in diapers, in a mask Dashi-traveler and for some reason got into high rubber boots of his father. When I anxiously asked: "What are you doing here, my dear," she replied, "Do not worry, Mom, I just look like you're sleeping." Someone else, call the exorcist. "