A few facts about BDSM, which you do not learn from the "50 Shades of Gray"

Certainly, many of even the most die-hard fans "on the back" is still in its secret thoughts dream of various sex toys, new poses and role-playing games. Believe me, even if a person is sincere to you proves that never and would never have tried something of such things, anyway, all men sometimes want to experience the enjoyment of a few options of non-standard. BDSM - this is just one of them.

A few facts about BDSM, which you do not learn from the

Around this "latex" theme a lot of talk and myths that are spread all kinds of people with different purposes. Some of them want to try, but any religious beliefs, or something else they do not allow it, others ardent supporters of the standard, which includes only a lying position, turning off lights and three hundred and fifty blankets. I say only one thing, the taste and color of all condoms for different adults. But in this article, in order to dispel some of the myths associated with this theme, we picked up a few points which should convince you that BDSM - this is normal.

1. BDSM does not necessarily imply a sex

A few facts about BDSM, which you do not learn from the

Most people honestly believe that BDSM - it's always sex. Yes, of course, it is assumed that such sexual pleasures should lead to a happy conclusion, but this is not always the case. Some people clearly draw the line where sex is possible and what is not. "Both of these conditions bring physical satisfaction, which is a very sensual, passionate and intense. But they must be separated "- Clarisse Thorn said the famous writer and the author of the article" The S & M Feminist ". When people practice BDSM without sex, Thorne is interprets as massage. Here a very important role played by personal and sexual preferences.

2. People who practice BDSM, it is adequate to

A few facts about BDSM, which you do not learn from the

"Unfortunately, many believe these people go a little, and at times not a little. But this is the biggest and extremely unpleasant misleading "- says Thorne. BDSM th are not engaged because a child over someone had committed abuse, or actively practiced by domestic violence. Frankly, this is nonsense and pure subjectivization.

Enjoy this sex - is the choice of each person, and say that "perhaps as a child you had some kind of injury" very stupid. "These are ordinary people who like this kind of sex" - says an expert in sexual relationships Gloria Breme, Ph.D., author of "DifferentLoving". "This may be your neighbors, friends, the seller in a supermarket or a newsboy. No need to blame a man for his sexual preferences, because, you see, you too have something to be punished "- Gloria said.

3. "50 shades of gray" in principle very little BDSM describes the

A few facts about BDSM, which you do not learn from the

What these books now, and movies are extremely popular, of course, good. In principle, they describe BDSM is quite right, but if you go to forums lovers of this hard lashes, you will realize how much they obsmeivayut this creation. Extremely unrealistic scene, uncertain action actors and, in principle, this secret room Gray introduced some visitors to the forum to a screeching halt. Believe me, handcuffs and throwing epic on the bed BDSM does not end there.

4. Safety - our all

A few facts about BDSM, which you do not learn from the

Those who practice BDSM in everyday life, not the movies, often paying much more attention to safety than some workers in hazardous occupations. Before you two want to do so in sex, they stipulate in advance all the details, which include the desire of both partners. A person simply because no one will ever be forced to act, which for some reason do not fit him. You must understand that gross coercion - it is violence against the human will. Apart from the fact that all the nuances of the process specified in advance, there are some stop words that are needed in order to stop a particular action by a partner. No wonder the main slogan of BDSM is an acronym SSC, which means the three main principles of this subculture: "safe, reasonable, voluntarily."