Briton found the grave of Jack the Ripper

• The British found the grave of Jack the Ripper

After 26 years of painstaking research Briton David Bullock (David Bullock) has found the tomb of an alleged serial killer in London. It is located in the cemetery Nunhed.

Briton found the grave of Jack the Ripper Briton found the grave of Jack the Ripper

Police work at the scene where one of Jack the Ripper's victims was found.

41-year-old David Bullock adolescence involved the identification of London maniac. His research Bullock described in his book The Man Who Would Be Jack (The man who could be Jack).

Bullock suggests that under the pseudonym Jack the Ripper wielded Thomas Katbush. It is suspected that fits on many criteria. "While Katbush worked in Whitechapel and knew the area like the five fingers, he hated prostitutes and was also possessed of surgery and anatomy" - Bullock said. In 1891 Katbush was arrested for assaulting two women, and a series of murders ceased.

Briton found the grave of Jack the Ripper

David Bullock studied documents in Broadmoor psychiatric hospital, where he died Katbush. He was able to establish that Katbush was buried in the cemetery Nunhed. There is peace and his family. "It was said that he died in Broadmoor, but, according to the documents, he was not buried there. I found his grave to know where the other members of his family "were buried - Bullock said.

Briton found the grave of Jack the Ripper

A letter written by a man who introduced himself as Jack the Ripper.

The identity of Jack the Ripper, who was operating in London at the end of the XIX century, has not yet been disclosed. The nickname "Jack the Ripper" was borrowed from the letter sent to the Central News Agency, which the author has claimed responsibility for the killings. Maniac is credited with at least five victims, all of them were local prostitutes. Suspects were more than a hundred, which included butchers, abattoir workers with surgeons and other doctors, capable, according to police, to make such precise, surgical accuracy action with the bodies, but the culprit could not be found and arrested. A century later, after all these terrible murders, the events provide food journalists, writers and directors. Jack the Ripper is the most famous serial killer, despite the fact that many other killer it has long been outdone by the number of victims.