The nuances of the American Hotel

Today I would like to share a little bit of experience in the American Hotel Holiday Inn Resort on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico British chain InterContinental Hotels Group.

I worked not particularly long, 4 months, but to see all the inside I had during this time, as it was a universal work, so to speak: the maids, Houseman (the person who monitors the hallways, helping guests and maids) laundri worker (in the laundry room ). Well, the first thing I did it worse, I am at home, it is not particularly know how to clean up the quality.

The nuances of the American Hotel

The day started is always the same, but for every specialty in different ways. I came to work, according to the tablet, enter your username and password for the system to start counting my hours and I got paid for the work. If today I get the maids to be, it turns out your list of rooms. By the way, the room is divided into three types:

1. Delta room - Delta Airlines staff room, they are a priority, but they are always clean and the staff sometimes even a bed did not touch happened.

2. Check out - Visitors left / leave, must be removed prior to the arrival time, the most difficult, but this is where you can find a tip or an unopened pack of beer.

3. Stay over - people are still living in the room, but you need to be tidied up.

After the list with bathrooms, each picking up what he needed (shampoo, soap, etc.) and goes on for your floor carts, and actually starts to work.

The maid, as for me, the hardest work in the hotel, at least if the hotel is decent for the other will not say.

Firstly, too much control. Over the maids are a manager who checked the room and control department, and if more and nakosyachil, the hotel manager. In general, the command of his superiors. Second, for each jamb expressed it to you. I even reached the point of absurdity. We were given four fluid, so let's call them:

- disinfector, which kills everything, used the bathroom.

- Detergent for windows.

- Washing of furniture.

- Air freshener (not an aerosol).

Clean up the room, rubbed with detergent furniture, even in remote places, sprinkled freshener, noting that the room is ready. Through 15 minutes had to manage: - Why do not I hear the smell of the detergent? You have not used it!

Okeeey useless to argue, I decided to fix in the next room used the double dose of detergent, although this is not necessary. 15 minutes and a similar dialogue: - Why as soon as I walk into a room, I hear the smell of the detergent?

WTF ?!

But, it's not the worst. Americans (and not only) are sometimes such pigs. Eating pizza in bed and then sleep on scraps - know the problems. Hang pants on TV? Why not? Include a condo at 16 degrees and leave? This we can. Or include condos and open balcony to the condensate was everywhere. But it is worth pay tribute to complaints from visitors to the staff there was almost no, I have not seen. Only the request to remove if dirty, or to give 3-th portion of funds for the soul.

Again, there are pros everywhere, I wrote about it above.

Tipping, sometimes they could reach $ 40-80 per day.

A lot of unopened drinks (beer, brandy, etc.) that I could not, because of their age, buy in the United States.

Privacy. Included Muzychko and work, you think of your.

Language practice, we have to communicate with visitors.

You can leave when you're done (this is bad, so it is, for the payment of all hourly and stretched, but if you want, no one will hold). With regard to cleanliness. The rooms really qualitatively removed and very clean, there are some tricks to make the room more quickly, since it is usually given to them 15-40 minutes, but it is not critical. I would not be averse to relax in this hotel. And for each joint, rest assured, the maid will receive a cap (especially if it is a condom that has fallen behind the bed was the case).

The nuances of the American Hotel

The following special, my favorite - Houseman. The work is physically hard, but nenapryazhnye, sometimes even interesting. And if an employee without a conscience, it is also the most profitable. Since Houseman go into the room before anyone else (they have the most current list of rooms), and therefore can take a tip. I so did not sin, but if I have strongly helped with the room, took away half of himself, and the second is personal in the hands of the maids. Or took away the beer :)

The nuances of the American Hotel

The essence of the problem was:

Morning walk on all Delta and check out room, disrupt the dirty laundry (for those who think "fu", work gloves), to collect debris. Serve trolley maids to help them with the export of clothes and the same garbage. Serve them the technique (vacuum cleaners), to help guests answering questions. And the presence of the radio helped to do everything well and smoothly.

At the end of the day, we had to vacuum the huge corridors. My favorite part, because it was possible to "get lost" and stretch the job, so to get an over-time and more money.

The nuances of the American Hotel

Well, and the last on which I have worked, but not the last position in the hotel - laundrimen. Or a person who works in the laundry room. The work is very easy, but it is very boring. Requirement that the laundry room is a place where the flock all the rumors and gossip (female collective of what to take with them). The essence of the work is to load the car, unload the machine, load / unload the dryer, fold beautiful towels and linens. But when the hotel is loaded with 100%, laundri turns into hell, for all is not enough, but when you do not have enough clothes, you can not clean up the room and so on the thumb. Normally open new packs to make it faster. Of the benefits, laundri works up to 10 hours, and sometimes it was possible to stay longer to help or get out in the evening shift. my salary was $ 9 / hour for more experienced people $ 11 / hour.

The nuances of the American Hotel

Also, the hotel had such a position:

reception, Common Eria (the person who monitors the Hall, swimming pool), the cook, the bartender, the technician (who repairs appliances in the hotel, and in fact goes bulb twists or resting), waiter, assistant waiter and hostess (who meets guests of the restaurant at hotel) and animators. Switzerland, by the way, was not, was issued to visitors trolley transportation of things, which had a duty to take Houseman.

From this point of view, it was not available to Americans only - waiter, assistant and hostess. Well, I worked a couple of times with the Common Eria work do not beat lying.

It seems to be told all that he wanted, if I question, please leave in comments. If you have collected a certain amount, I will answer a separate post!

Choose good hotels, believe me;)

P.S .: Bonus, for the town's atmosphere.