Vital tips from 40-year-olds 20-year-old

• Vital tips from 20-year-old 40-year

Reaching forty begin to be amazed how many people do not even survived your age. Ilya Ilf died at 39. Maxim Gorky in 37. Yes, a lot of people died.

Vital tips from 40-year-olds 20-year-old

likewise reached forty begin to wonder whether you achieved all he wanted, and if you had a lot to do.

You are amazed that Alexander the Great before your age did not live, but has already won half the world, leaving a legacy of millennia. Aware of their achievements, you know what great people at your age you have surpassed many times over. Reading books begin to catch myself thinking that the author is clearly younger than you (and think, well, what this jerk can teach you?).

Analyzing his experience would be desirable something to advise the current 20-year-old from a height, so to speak, of past years.


1. Stop thump. Stop smoking. How to be cool you this is not thought to thump and smoking is not ice. More than that, I'll tell you something that may seem trivial, but plump and smoking is extremely harmful to health. Yes, now you have an iron health and does not bother you. But I am sure that if you continue to thump / smoking after 20 years, you will realize that your health you ruined forever. Remember that even beer leads to the development of not peculiar to you the female hormone estrogen. What consequences this leads naguglit himself. Or you can look at most of the current forty years. Want to be such - continue.

2. sports. but without fanaticism. Anyone except your psevdodruzey not interested in your biceps volume and how much you harvest from the chest. Know that injuries are now, once again will be felt in 20 years. Know that a torn meniscus will never grows together. 3. About friends. Take for granted that in fact you do not have friends. Do you have or sobytulniki or friends for entertainment. Friends is another, and you will understand after 20 years. Have present other great achievement.

4. Do not play with death. Bungee jumping, catching and riding in a car with a speed of 250 km / h in just poteshut your pride and envy of friends. Remember that thing Statistics inexorable death, and the dead as well as you firmly believed that death does not happen to them, and with some other people. If you want adrenaline, better take it in tablets.

5. If you're still reading all the blizzard type fantasy, immediately throw it to do. After 10 years, you will realize that fantasy art and other dross (other than the classics chosen) is a dummy, burning your time (by the way, will more and more be accelerated) and introducing in your life is absolutely nothing. Read the memoirs. It is the quintessence of human experience. Read business books, it is also useful reading. Read, but do not believe blindly written. First, remember the error survivor and know that any biased opinion. Secondly, many authors write books, not being experts in the described area. Always do this discount. To perceive the information critically.

6. The interests of politicians. I know that you are now apolitical, and you it's not interesting. But as they say, if you are not interested in politics, interested in politics you. Remember how in the song Status Quo You're in army now has the phrase Now you remember what the draftman said? Here as well, and you have to understand the global political trends to understand the balance of power and where the world is heading. Look not on words, but on the real deal. See which team is behind a politician and who these people are. This will help you in the future to separate flies from cutlets and distinguish phony propaganda against serious guys. Never consider yourself an idiot politicians. This cynical hardened people, and stupid (do you think) the decisions they take, are always under a clear basis. Normally, if you do not understand something, it's about money. 7. Take for granted that the world is unfair. Take for granted that the starting conditions are different. Do not envy. If your friends Bob and Pete ride in a Porsche, do not throw too buy Porsche (course credit). You just do not realize. Vasya that Porsche bought a father (though Bob about it and does not say), and Peter, though Porsche bought on credit, but it draws a legacy two-bedroom granny flat in the Central District.

8. Do not shine and compromising private information about themselves in the social. networks. Know that today you laughing with friends over their drunken photo, and after 20 years of a serious uncle why not make a choice in your favor. Do not write on the internet stupidity - as you know, nothing is lost on the Internet.

9. Do not be childish. No disgusting spectacle than an adult guy on a skateboard. Do not do tattoos - it's for life, and the changed circumstances will play against you.

10. Multiply and save money. Money must make money. Do not leave money just lying on the account. Invest. If you're hazardous, Curb your enthusiasm. Never excitement did not lead to success. Consider the risks ...