Rules of Life director of "Hermitage" Mikhail Piotrovsky

• The rules of life director of the "Hermitage" Mikhail Piotrovsky

Rules of Life director of

I'm not allowed to ask only two questions: why I wear a scarf and what is my favorite picture.

Hermitage - a skit. For most people, this is the place where you can go and where to hide.

We are very ceremonious. Our exhibitions are the imperial bias, not because we are so proud. We just have to keep it: the king is not, but many traditions remain. There is a house-king. And we are not to his servants, but are helping to spread the spirit of the house. Hermitage - a palace that stunning way remembers himself. And everything must be determined by the palace, its style and taste.

Culture and politics are interrelated. Once the culture is above politics. When all politics is crumbling, culture is a bridge between people who blow up last.

No show at Versailles no Putin's meeting with Macron would not exist. The new president of France would not hold a meeting without reason. Art that connects people, always carries a diplomatic function. The crises were overcome through art. Let us remember the Soviet times, first sent the exhibition, and then restore relations.

When it became clear that the ancient Palmyra no more, I felt anger. It is clear that the monuments and treasures could be protected.

Any Middle East war resembles a crusade. I know the history of how, during the Russian-Turkish war of Catherine I gathered all the jewels, gave a bribe to the Turks, they opened a corridor, and the Russian out of the environment. Can fight only for the monuments and protect them. The museum will never be completely virtual. Who is already full of all sorts tent where the show at a time all the paintings of Van Gogh. Nothing wrong with that, except that this format can not be called a museum where there is a genuine energy stuff.

We are told here, you fellows, turned to contemporary art! But nothing in this new no. Emperors bought the contemporary art. A first exhibition of contemporary art held in Petrograd in 1918 in the Winter Palace. Is today we can be in the side?

We must not only cater to visitors, but also to introduce them to something new. When we put the skull and stuffed Fabra in Snyders Hall, then at Snyders people began to pay attention, but past it usually pass quickly.

Great excitement in connection with the exhibition of Jan Fabre was not. Visitors became a little more, but it was not comparable to the Serov or Aivazovsky, which at times increased the attendance of the Tretyakov Gallery. The aim was to Fabre saw those who it would not have come had.

Trust - this is not democracy. This is a sign of strength.

In difficult conditions, as you know, poets write good poetry, artists - good pictures, and when everything is free, no hell and not going on.

I can tolerate the current regime. I would like to not hold any position, but sometimes it must be done and help. For me to be elected to the State Duma in 2011 was about the same as to write a letter to the patriarch about St. Isaac's Cathedral. There are situations where you have to get out of the line and say something. It would be much worse if no one is interested in your opinion.

Many of the processes that occur in society and the world today, are explained by one expression: Back in USSR. The name of the bit-Maxwellian songs can be very useful. The more so because it is a parody of Back in USA Chuck Berry. And here we are, in St. Petersburg, trying to live like in the song Simon & Garfunkel Bridge over Troubled Water (The bridge over the stormy waters -. Esquire).

Petersburg must love at least then, so he drowned. He is very easily destroyed. The city is built on a swamp, the city has a prophecy, the city of hate. He may at any moment to go under water.

I have a rich varied life. I live in many worlds and continues to be an Orientalist. I have no time to feel sorry that something went wrong. Variety creates ideal.

Museum - is a powerful lever of purification.