Foreigners look at the stereotypes about Russia

We have asked foreign experts to comment on the most common stereotypes about Russia. They have been living and working in our country, so they have something to say.

Foreigners look at the stereotypes about Russia

India, Jaipur

Foreigners look at the stereotypes about Russia

Nidhi Balachandran, 31, cultural linguistics, journalist

"We believe that the Russian - our loyal friends. A lot of books translated in Hindi, they have each family reading in a home library. As a child I had a fairy tale about Vasilisa the Beautiful. We know a lot about the culture. Many of us dream of the Trans-Siberian Railway to drive - it is in the top 100 things that people want to get done before the end of life "

Emotions. In India, believe that the people of Russia is very sad. Everyone who came to the Soviet era to India, huddled together and kept together. When we went on the Indian market, they kept repeating: "The spirits, the spirits, the spirits." Hindi "perfume" means "sad". What really does this word in Russian, I learned much later.

Architecture. Everyone thinks that St. Basil's Cathedral - is some kind of fairy-tale castle. No one knows that it is a temple. Incidentally, I think so too.

Ruddy women. Since childhood, it seemed that the Russian girl dress up very brightly painted round pink cheeks and walk in sundresses and scarves. When I was little, in our country to publish the magazine "Soviet woman" in Hindi and English. He was a great size, like everything else in Russia, with colored pictures on good paper. I loved to take his mom and consider. But it turned out, all dressed mostly in black in Moscow. The girls here are very thin, very straight! I do not know how to manage so ?! Sports men. The Indian society is widely believed that men in Russia is very smart and athletic. All play chess, fly into space and do gymnastics. Those Russian, who arrived in the Soviet era, doing sports. The men were very smart, it seemed that everyone can squat "pistol" or stand on his hands.

Alcohol. Nobody thinks that here drink. In India, there is no such representation, as opposed to other countries.

Berlin, Germany

Foreigners look at the stereotypes about Russia

Shonai Katarina, 35 years, representative Russian-German foreign Chamber of Commerce in Germany

"Russian mentality similar to German. Russian straightforward and practical Germans. Therefore, any issue in the negotiations is discussed without hindrance, the parties come to an agreement very quickly. German Russian much easier to understand than, for example, a Frenchman, who prefers to walk around it and so is your business, "

Education. Russian is considered very educated. People here actually read and know the classics. When I was in university, all we are discussing classic literature. Many times my friends in the conversation mentioned Bulgakov. Because of this, I also started to read it. We also read Goethe, but rarely mentions it in everyday conversations.

Frost. Russian winter is considered too long and cold. But in fact, I prefer winter in Russia than in Germany. Russian winter, snow, frost, and often sunny days. And a lot depends on the quality of public services. When I lived in Yekaterinburg, the roads in the city were covered with centimeter layer of ice everywhere insanely slippery. Fortunately, that at the time I was with a hiking boot. They somehow saved me. In Moscow, of course, everything is different. The poor knowledge of languages ​​. Russian does not speak English. In St. Petersburg and Moscow, people know a second language, and in the regions is more complicated. Companies who are going to cooperate with Russian companies, we are often advised to take an interpreter or look for someone on the ground. Sometimes even in the Moscow do not have people who know the language well enough to negotiate.

Crime. There is an opinion that it is impossible to develop any business without bribes in Russia. I can not confirm it. I often work with German companies, who build here beautiful business without corruption. The situation has changed greatly as compared with the 90-ies. Now in Russia it is possible to conduct a "white" business, if you want to.

Same with personal safety. Remembering the 90th coming here, foreigners feared robberies. Similarly, I - first wore all your documents in a special bag around his neck. I even have a picture of where I am in the march in the wilderness stand with this package, and there are even people around there. Now I understand that it all looked very funny.

USA, New York

Foreigners look at the stereotypes about Russia

Philippe Aghion, 47 years, translator a teacher of English

"Now all the myths that existed 20-30 years ago, quietly destroyed. People began to travel a lot, know each other, work together. Stereotypes go, as soon as people begin to talk "

Bears on the streets of. Ten thousand times I was asked if Americans believe that bears are walking around Moscow. Of course not. By the way, I can show a couple of videos, which show that the bears are walking through New Jersey.

problems with alcohol. A common myth is that all alcoholics here. Maybe, in the regions where the economy is underdeveloped, there are people who drink. But in America, too, there is such a place - say, Detroit. There's a terrible unemployment, so people are marginal lifestyle. In addition, we have those who use drugs, and they are much more than here. Climate. Snow drifts can frighten people from the southern states - Florida, California, but in Buffalo we have the same weather. If we compare the Moscow and New York, here are preparing to frost better. When in New York City a few years ago there was snow, it paralyzed the entire city. In Moscow, many grumble about snow removal, but local utilities still do better with such situations.

Corruption. About corruption is still very much to say. I've lived here a long time. I can not say that there is no phenomenon, but it is now much better. In Russia, corruption is present in everyday life, and in America, people with this face when trying to start their own business.

Expensive items. It is believed that the women of Russia, like expensive things. It really is. But in general in America is very positive attitude to the Russian women believe that they are better and more feminine. You should not blindly copy western feminism. From myself I wish to say that Russian women are very well taken care of the family and their men.

Colombia, Barranquilla

Foreigners look at the stereotypes about Russia

Raquel Sarmiento, 29 years, teacher Spanish

"In Colombia, few are aware of Russia. There are people who think my move here an odd decision, because they think that the situation there as either we or worse. There are those who took it with delight, because they think it is a challenge, since it lives in a different country with a different culture and climate, with a different language "

little smiling. I had heard that people in Russia do not smile, cold and closed, are too serious look. But once I came to live here, I realized that the Russian are very friendly, just the emotions, they begin to show only after they met. In a circle of friends, people often smiling, laughing and hugging. Russian mafia. Stereotype, born from the movies. Hollywood shoots so that the Russian - always villain. We are watching these films, so all believe that there is a mafia in Russia.

The cold and a little sun. What is cold, we can not imagine, because we have not even snow. I am very hard to bear their first winter. It was hard to breathe in the cold, so getting around town with small dashes, constantly sit in some areas. Then very ill. But the worst - it's not cold, but the fact that there is no sun and eternally gray sky. For me it was a shock, because we are constantly summers and plenty of sunlight.

Beautiful women. My fellow men think that Russian women are very, very beautiful, and this is indeed the case. When I show pictures of my friends here, all shouting: "meet you!"