As you go to prom?

• As you go to prom?

As you go to prom?

And then came the moment when the kids fly away from the parental nest - leaving school. Every girl is looking forward to the prom, because you want to shine, to conquer and surprise everyone around her beauty, attractiveness, femininity and sophistication. Prom dress - this is the image that, like the image of the bride, will remain forever in the memory of every girl. Therefore, it is important to approach the choice of attire with utmost responsibility, diligence and thoughtfulness.

If you listen to the conversations of schoolgirls-graduates, we can observe the tendency that the preparation process begins long before the actual event. Someone can spend half a year on it to decide on the attire for the prom. Design models, collectible dresses, original versions in ethnic style, handmade dress, clothes, custom-made to suit the individual characteristics of the body structure, all the wishes and preferences of the young girls - it all has to do with school alumni ball.

So, what will be fashionable next year? Than ready to amaze and surprise Society graduate of the season 2018?

As you go to prom?

Color variations

First of all, we should define the coloring attire. When choosing colors is important to consider whether the combined shade or shades of the selected image with the appearance tsvetotip girls. If you choose a bad tone dress - thus you can easily ruin your own holiday. Of course, you must pay a tribute to fashion. In 2018 fashion will quiet pastel shades of peach, light coral, pale lilac, turquoise, azure sky, light blue, aquamarine, deep blue, emerald green, muted crimson and burgundy. Do not forget about the classic white and black can always be seen on the alumna. However, they require special attention so as not to turn into a bride in a white dress or, conversely, do not cause association with mourning dress in a dark black color.

As you go to prom?

Fashion silhouettes

Gone too excessive frankness and openness of the girls' dresses. Today's fashion returns schoolgirls romanticism, lightness and ease of images.

Relevant are form-fitting model with fluffy skirts, which are called among designers fashion 80s. Floor length dresses are still at the peak of popularity, it is these outfits are distinguished femininity, sophistication and elegance. Those young ladies who want some sort of sexuality in dress, fashion famous fashion houses is recommended to shop along with an open back. This dress highlights the attractiveness of a young female figure.

Lightness and airiness of images is achieved not only the branded clothes, but also the materials used. For example, the 2018 season offers to focus on the translucency and fine chiffon, organza, lace and tulle fabric.

As you go to prom?

The following options can be attributed to the most interesting models:

- dresses of lace (delicate or completely with the original inserts, is also worth a look at the options of manual work, made of Irish or Bruges lace);

- asymmetric model (eg, model or one shoulder dress, in which one arm is open from the shoulder, and a second fully closed); - original combination of rigorous close fitting top and skirt of the multilayer lush tulle fabric;

- the shortened pattern (A-line with a V-shaped cut and full skirt, a form-fitting skirt bundle and others);

- trendy tandem shortened crop stamp and flared skirt in floor length.