Countries that Russia "simply" the most debt

Countries that Russia

more than $ 140 billion since 2000. forgiven

1. Cuba - $ 31, 7 billion

According to experts, this debt back we would still never received. And planted a "carrot" and strengthened the position of the US backyard.

2. Iraq - $ 21, 5 billion

Debt written off twice - $ 9, 5 billion (from $ 10, 5) in 2004 and $ 12 billion (from $ 12, 9) in 2008. The second time, it was the new debt, loan, recruited after the remission of the previous debt in 2004.

3. African country - more than $ 20 billion

Written off "gross" in the period after 2008 in order "fraternal assistance".

4. Mongolia - $ 11, 1 billion

Decommissioned in 2003. The remaining $ 300 million of debt, Mongolia, however, immediately returned.

5. Afghanistan - $ 11 billion

Debts for the supply of Soviet military equipment written off since 2006.

6. North Korea - $ 10 billion

One of the last "gift" after 2012. Have written off not all, $ 1 billion in debt still remains for the DPRK.

7. Syria - $ 9, 8 billion

Decommissioned in 2005 (from $ 13, 4 billion in debt). In return for signing a number of agreements in the field of construction, oil and gas.

8. Vietnam - $ 9, 53 billion

The first out of debt "forgiveness" to foreign countries already in the "Putin" time - in 2000. Total Vietnamese duty at the time was $ 11, 03 billion, the balance must be paid by 2022. However, not directly, but through investments in joint projects with Russia in the territory of Vietnam.

9. Ethiopia - about $ 6 billion,

In 2001, it is written off $ 4, 8 billion of the $ 6 billion of debt in four years - another $ 1, 1 billion, or nearly all.

10. Algeria - $ 4, 7 billion

Write-off occurred in 2006 - 2007. In return, the country has pledged to buy our manufactured products to this or that amount.

In recent years - in 2012-2014 - in addition to North Korea and Cuba, it was written off Kyrgyzstan's debt by $ 599 million (after zasobiralas country to join the Customs Union) and now $ 865 million to Uzbekistan.

Overall, since 2000, Russia more than $ 140 billion to forgive their partners.


Why Russia forgives debts?

"Like a lot of our money", surprised experts.

Previously, Russia has motivated his position by the fact that she is a member of the G20 and G8. The fact that in the framework of these organizations decided to conduct itself so that it is like a rule of etiquette, said another former finance minister, Alexei Kudrin, at which debt relief was put on stream. But now, this argument does not work. It would be necessary to conduct a more rational.

- The idea of ​​each such write-offs, whether Cuba, Nicaragua and North Korea, the party must give the Russian companies most favored nation treatment,

- says Mikhail Khromov of the Institute. Gaidar.

- But I can not think of a single example, that after the debt relief actually there's some contracts. There is another nuance - old Soviet debts usually hopeless. This explains the cancellation of their countries like Cuba or Nicaragua.

- Simply write off than to service such debts,

- sums Khromov - But the last written off debt in 2014 in Uzbekistan (865 million USD.) - not the Soviet, the new, and it is unlikely that a neighbor so hopeless, like Cuba.


Should our country to write off the money?

Michael Derzhavin, the actor of theater and cinema:

- the debts should not be all in a row to forgive, but that the country's leaders let us down, behave decently as possible. Of course, if it will not be a blow to our budget. But I am sure that in the management of our country sitting smart people who calculate it well.

Konstantin Zatulin, director of the Institute of CIS countries:

- If you want to be loved, you have to be a little bit cheated. In the current situation, not picky at the time. I do not need right now to stick to Uzbekistan, if he can not pay the debt. The same applies to Belarus and its rustic tricks to bypass sanctions.

Olga Popova, head of the department of Political Science of the Faculty of St. Petersburg State University:

- We are required to maintain good neighborly relations with Member States, including forgiving large debts. Why would we not worth it. Otherwise, we run the risk of being isolated.

Countries that Russia

Vladimir Vinokur, singer, actor, teacher:

- Uzbekistan - one of the republics of Central Asia to sign. I think that such a step is justified. This decision is a noble and will be rewarded handsomely. As my father, to help people and do not expect an answer. But it will be followed. Nicholas Peter and Paul, the deputy of Legislative Assembly of Krasnodar Region:

- In general, debt forgiveness - it is in the Christian tradition. Although, I do not think that the authorities are guided in this matter by religion. In any case, we see only the tip of the iceberg, do not know the motive, nor history. Therefore judge these decisions without knowing what benefits expects to derive from this state, it is not correct.

Father Gerontius, abbot monastery Trifonov Pechenga Monastery:

- In the situation in which Russia is today, so that we get strong allies, of course, to forgive debts. And from the point of view of religion - we should be able to lend so that in case of no return, we grieve the heart.

Alexander, the listener "Radio KP":

- a foreign state to forgive, of course, can sometimes, but preferably at the same time the Russians knock off the debts on the mortgage. At least those that currency.

Elena Arakelyan, Alexei Morozov