The best to date films in 2017

1. "Treat alive"

The best to date films in 2017

In the center of the plot of the drama French Catel Kilevere - young surfer who falls into a coma after a car accident. His divorced parents trying to cope with the unexpected tragedy, while doctors offer them to think about organ donation - perhaps their son would still be able to save someone's life. For example, a cellist, it is suffering from progressive heart disease.

Ekraniziruya eponymous novel writer Meylis de Kerangal, the director adds unexpected storylines. Kilevere deeper into history consultant for organ donation, as well as the surfer girlfriend. "Fix the living" was a touching illustration of the fragility of life and showed how much it means support of others.

2. "Off"

The best to date films in 2017

The main character, an African American, Chris, come meet with the parents of his white girlfriend at their country estate. But soon he realizes that there is something wrong. This feeling only intensified after meeting with other African Americans - a servant in the house, and a young boy, boyfriend white woman much older than him. As one, they are under the influence of dark secrets.

Impressive how his criticism of racism and agility honed script, from the powerful to the terrifying suspense isolation, debut director Jordan Saw - a first-class cinematic nightmare.

3. "Split"

The best to date films in 2017

The film was the triumphant return of director M. Night Shyamalan, once gave viewers a brilliant "The Sixth Sense" and then hit a rather mediocre for crafts studios. Again, he uses his own recognizable style ominous to describe the story of three girls who were abducted a very strange guy named Kevin (played by James McAvoy). Which is subsequently found in a series of painful events, it contains 23 individual.

What is worse, Kevin convinced that originates 24th person in it, known as "The Beast." This storyline generates a lot of unpredictable moments, allowing McEvoy to play the role brilliantly monstrous madman.

4. "Logan"

The best to date films in 2017

2029, the few surviving mutants are fighting for survival. Once famous Wolverine drags quite exist, trying to forget as there were numerous scars on his body (which does not heal as before) and cares for freaking out by Professor Xavier. His life forever changed after a meeting with the girl, whom he suddenly discovers a mysterious connection.

The most brutal film in the series about the X-Men, "Logan" unexpected turns melancholy and brilliantly completes the story of Wolverine.

5. "Lost City of the Z"

The best to date films in 2017

Directed by James Gray ( "The Lovers," "fatal passion") is selected for the first time outside of New York - and immediately plunges into the dark heart of the Amazon with the film "The Lost City of the Z", the adaptation of the novel by David Grana. In the center of the story - a British researcher first half of XX century, Percy Fawcett, stumbled on traces of the existence of a previously unknown advanced civilization. After breaking up with all the scientific light, and following deep into the jungle in the company of his wife, son and assistant, he mysteriously disappears.

This poignant adventure drama, raises issues of tolerance and class hatred. Finally, the "Lost City of Z" - is one of the best cast of the year: in the film starring Charlie Hannema, Robert Pattinson, Tom Holland and Sienna Miller.

6. "Alien: Testament"

The best to date films in 2017

In the new film by Ridley Scott connects all its heritage together: the horror of the first "Alien" (1979), the intensity of "Alien" (1986), the philosophical scope prequel "Prometheus" (2012), and even thinking about people and androids "Running blade Runner "(1982). The result was a band truly biblical proportions. Director last confrontation unfolds colonists from Earth and alien ksenomorfov after first decide to investigate a mysterious distress call from an unknown planet. Scott skillfully directs the focus to the android played by Michael Fasbendera, which is in the heart of the ancient civilization. Monsters, betrayal, mechanical twins and the most narcissistic homoerotic scene in science fiction, as well as sinister Yumorok - director combines these elements into an exciting, entertaining blockbuster. The rare case when a prequel fully justifies its existence.

7. "John Wick 2"

The best to date films in 2017

It would seem, it is not so rare film needs to continue, as "John Wick" 2014-year. One chapter of the second fast makes sense, thanks to expertly laid fights and shootings, interwoven into a massacre from which the eyes do not tear. In the title role - again well-dressed killer in the performance of Keanu Reeves.

Director David Leich presents violence as arts, Sung stylish villains with showers, full of philosophical reflection. This time, the reason why the hero again Wick could not retire, worse than revenge for a dead dog. Although ultimately it does not matter in the face of such breathtaking scenes of death and destruction.