Films made on the works of the "king of horror" by Stephen King

Stephen King - the famous American writer of our time. He writes in different genres, but is better known as the "King of Horror". King can reveal the surprisingly subtle psychology of the individual, its development or decay. And yet it is the most ekraniziruemym writer. Of course, not all the films based on the works of masters equally well. Yet, there are those viewing experience that is so bright that it becomes uncomfortable.

Films made on the works of the

"The Dead Zone"

Films made on the works of the

Director: David Kronenber / 1983

It interwoven drama and thriller, mystery, and even detective. Humble guy Johnny Smith is a teacher. His ordinary life plans, and there is a sweetheart. But the destiny disposes otherwise. Johnny gets into an accident. Waking up, he finds out that he stayed 5 years in a coma ...

He loses everything. His lover is married, and he was still physically helpless. However, Johnny discovers that he had the ability to foresee the future of the people to whom it touches. This gift - the ability to save others. But if Johnny will save yourself?

"Pet Sematary"

Films made on the works of the

Director: Mary Lambert / 1989

King believed this novel is so frightening that was not going to publish it. However, some difficulties forced him to go to the publication of the book. The film begins peacefully: Dr. Louis Creed and his family moved to a new place and settled in a large comfortable house. And all would be well: high-paying job, excellent facilities ... Yes, but very close to the house is a highway, and nearby - a cemetery for pets, which is shrouded in ancient mystical legends of the Indians. They say there are in this cemetery a special place. If the animal buried there, it will come back alive. And here it is misfortune - is killed by a car beloved cat doctor. Saddened, the doctor decided to bury the pet on the cemetery ...


"The Shawshank Redemption"

Films made on the works of the

Director: Frank Darabont / 1994

Dramatic film, which became a cult classic and legendary. No mystery and horror in this movie there. A story about people facing injustice, while maintaining clarity of thought and belief in a better. The film looks at one go, making all my heart to empathize with the main characters.

"The Langoliers"

Films made on the works of the

Director: Tom Hollande / 1995

The film tells the story of a mysterious history that occurred with one passenger airliner. During the flight, there is something inexplicable - disappears most of the people, and the entire crew. History of a detective, with a touch of fantasy and mysticism. The remaining passengers have to deal with what happened and try to remedy the difficult situation.


Films made on the works of the

directed by: Tom Holland / 1996

In the center - a successful, self-confident defense attorney Billy Halleck. Brought down to death by an old gypsy, he does not feel remorse. And, thanks to his connections, remains unpunished. However, the joy was premature - the father of the deceased cursing all the participants of this unjust case. True the lawyer does not give value first said the old gypsy. Only later, Tom begins to realize the full horror of his situation. However, he was not going to give up.

"The Green Mile"

Films made on the works of the

Director: Frank Darabont / 1999

Dramatic spectacle, soaked in mysticism. Directed by Frank Darabont (same person is able to create masterpieces), the film is really a cult, as they say, "at all times". It is perfectly all - the idea, plot, actors. Despite its mystique, the film tells the story of the most important, human: love and hate, good and evil, compassion and insensibility ... It leaves a special aftertaste for life.


Films made on the works of the

Director: Lawrence Kasdan / 2003

Although the film flopped at the box office, it is worth seeing fans of science fiction. The plot of "touches", the interest is not lost for a minute. Four friends in a child rescue a mentally retarded boy from bullies. In gratitude, he endows them with supernatural powers. All five remain friends for life, using their skills in everyday life. But there comes a time when it becomes clear their true purpose.

"Secret Window"

Films made on the works of the

Director: David Koepp / 2004

History, it would seem, is not remarkable. Unsuccessful writer Mort Rainey is in divorce proceedings, that in itself is unpleasant. But then there comes a stranger who accuses him of plagiarism. And does it very intrusive, making the already lonely and dreary life of the hero in hell. But this is only on the surface. At King so just does not happen.


Films made on the works of the

Director: Mikael Håfström / 2007 The plot is as follows: Mike Enslin writes a book about the mysterious and unexplained phenomena in various hotels. he himself does not believe such a hoax, but as an honest author goes on hotels, different bad (in the sense of the presence of poltergeists and ghosts) glory. Everything that is happening to him was taped. However, nothing unusual was happening to him, and, dispelling another myth, Mike Enslin goes to the hotel with the name "Dolphin".

When he learned that the number 1408 is shrouded in a sinister secret, he insists to take his name. No warnings and entreaties not stop writer. He can not even assume that it will survive in room 1408 ... The film is really terrible, but it is not a banal thriller. "1408" is full of psychology, drama, and makes you think a lot.

"The Mist"

Films made on the works of the

Director: Frank Darabont / 2007

The protagonist - the father of the family, taking with him his son, went to the store. But back home they can not: there was a dense impenetrable fog conceals something sinister. Particularly shocking in this movie ending ...