The most dangerous of entertainment

How much is hunting for a tornado, a leap into the crater of an active volcano and the opportunity to see the real "Titanic."

The most dangerous of entertainment

Skydiving, rafting, bungee jumping - these extreme entertainment is no surprise. Forbes Life to find the most unusual ways to spend your free time with the risk. Regardless of whether there will have to pay for it more than $ 100 000, or just the dollar, thrills are guaranteed.

The most dangerous of entertainment

Tour to the sunken "Titanic" (Canada, Saint John)

Price: $ 105,000

British agency Blue Marble Private launched the sale of tickets for the tour to the sunken "Titanic", which will take place in 2018. The cost of the tour ticket price equivalent to the first class of "Titanic" ($ 4300 in 1912), although the scope of the level is not the same: a three-hour dive to a depth of 4000 m is made in a special submersible of carbon fiber and titanium. several of these dives will be arranged, and the first tickets have already been sold.

Such tours are conducted every 5 years, the last of them in 2012, the company organized the Deep Ocean Expeditions, but tickets are then sold at half the price. However, the price increase is easy to explain: the bacterium was discovered in 2016, which for 15 years has to destroy the ship completely. So that the forthcoming journey to the "Titanic" may well be the last.

The most dangerous of entertainment

Leap into the mouth of an active volcano, Chile (Araucania)

Price: from $ 15,000

Volcano Villarrica -. One of the most active volcanoes in South America, the height of 2847 m Largest quiet period in the history of the volcano - 30 years, and the last major eruption was March 3, 2015. The height of the lava, which was ejected from the crater, then reached 1 km. The volcano has been active in 2016, so that the Villarrica - the only place in the world where the practice bungee jumping into the mouth of an active volcano. The jump is done from a helicopter, which in turn hangs at an altitude of 200 meters above the crater. Lower point of the jump - 40 meters from the boiling lava. Leap into the mouth of the volcano is included in the six-day tour with a stop in a five star hotel.

The most dangerous of entertainment

Chasing tornadoes (USA, Texas)

Price: $ 3000

"Tornado Alley" - so called in the US territory, where atmospheric vortices occur more often. The route includes the element of the 13 states of America, and often you can meet with a tornado in Texas. In just one year in the United States recorded a thousand occurrences of tornadoes. The season begins in June and ends in December.

As a general rule, pursue a tornado in a van in the company of other daredevils, but it is possible to organize and personalized trip. Among the agencies that sell tickets for a meeting with the tornado, - Extreme Tornado Tours, Storm Chasing Adventure Tours and Silver Lining Tours.

The most dangerous of entertainment

Walk on the wing of the aircraft (USA, Washington)

Price: $ 850

In the city of Sequim is possible to walk on the right wing of the aircraft during its flight. Tether and special mounting feet allow during the flight to move the wing, sit, stand or lie on it. flight speed is 250 km / h, the plane wherein the course performs various maneuvers. I have to go through a "dead loop" sharp vertical climbs and descents and even turns around the axis by 360 degrees.

The most dangerous of entertainment

"The trail of death" (China, Xi'an)

Price: $ 300

Huashan - one of the Five Sacred Mountains of Taoism in China. The rise of the North top of the mountain (1614 m) to the South (2154 m) is 14 km away, part of the road is overcome by a specially paved steps, and the remaining distance - on the "path of death", the most dangerous track in the world, consisting of only three dilapidated-looking wooden boards. Have to stay for a chain attached to the rock, there are no fences. Each EXTREMALS issued a belt with a rope and a carabiner that is attached to a rope, going through all the way. Award for courage - unforgettable views of the valley and monasteries and ancient temples.

The most dangerous of entertainment

Walk on the skyscraper (Canada, Toronto)

Price: $ 225Ci CN Tower - one of the tallest buildings in the world. Its height is 553, 3 m, and in the ranking of the highest TV towers of the world CN Tower ranked 3rd. In 2011, in honor of the 35th anniversary of the tower, it was decided to dig a tour EdgeWalk, which means "walking on the edge." Anyone can walk on the parapet of the tower at a height of around 365 meters. One end of the tether keeps the suit, which is specially issued to visitors, and the other is attached to the metal structure, to keep the body. Thus, we can safely go to the edge of the parapet, the width of which only 1, 5 meters, spread out his arms and Canada enjoy a bird's-eye view.

The most dangerous of entertainment

Diving with white sharks (South Africa, Gansbaai)

Price: $ 120

Gansbaai - a small fishing village not far from Cape Town. This place is also called "the capital of white sharks." So popular among predators Gansbaai obliged rookery of fur seals in Dyer Island, for whom and hunt sharks. Meet the great white is possible in any season.

Local companies - Dyer Island, Mossel Bay, False Bay - organize a dive with the sharks, which are made in galvanized steel cage. By the time it takes 10-15 minutes, and the cell can fit at a time of 6-8 people. Typically, sharks do not attack these cells, but it is better still to stay close to the center.

Swing on the edge of the world (Ecuador, Baños)

Price: $ 1

Baños park, which is located at an altitude of 2660 meters, are the most extreme swings in the world - the 600-meter cliff. Design standard: wooden beams, suspended on two ropes, and fixed on a metal bar. But to ride on a swing is possible only in a helmet and a safety system. However, this does not guarantee complete security. In the history of the park, however, it was not witnessed a single accident. During the "flight" offers scenic views of the valley and the active volcano Tungurahua. By the way, public transport to the park can not walk. Residents live mainly due to the tourists, so be sure someone from the local residents will be able to throw to the park.