Why not make the Russian man in contrast to the foreigner

Why not make the Russian man in contrast to the foreigner

Many Russian women dream to marry foreigners. Compatriots are blamed for the fact that they are not too suitable for family life: drink, do not want to work, help with the housework and the children ... a lot of Claims. But is it really so good western representatives of the stronger sex? Here are the things that our Russian man, unlike his foreign colleague, with few exceptions will not do.

He would not behave in a straight line

If the Anglo-Saxon or German wants to make love, he is so right about it and say. If it's not like something in your behavior, says the same. He will not listen to your excuses. Russian man rather satisfied "marriage dance" and will wait until you are "read" his thoughts.

He will not lay out everything on the shelves

Russian women often annoying way of our men not to take a shower, throw on an apartment dirty socks, do not put in place or leave slippers in the bathroom open tube of toothpaste.

Yes, the western men for the most part akkuratisty. They are clean, every thing they have to lie in its place. But if you do not, God forbid something Transfer, without asking throw in the trash any old rubbish, or your child something to spoil in the house, you will find a real hysteria ... and you remember with regret the untidy Russian men.

He will not save on the little things

Of course, among the Russian men also have a meanie, but still most of them will not be considered as a day out of oil or toilet paper. For example, German (Dutch, Swedish, French, and so on. D) keeps a record of everything. It will be a long ride on sales or spend the day and spend the night at the sites of online shops to buy goods more cheaply. If it is possible to save something - on food, clothing, transportation - he will do it. My favorite woman is not an exception. He shall surely keep receipts for all purchases and gifts, and before spending even a small amount, carefully weigh all.

He will not dismiss your concerns

Russian man at least sympathize with, if you start to complain about his own problems. And also can give advice or offer real help. But a foreigner can you listen and not react. In the West, it made to each their own to cope with their difficulties.

He will not live solely on the plan

Of course, Russian men can have their own plans, but in most cases he is willing to break them. For example, for a meeting with a woman or a spontaneous jaunt. Or help someone ...

But Western man always tries to strictly adhere to the schedule. If it works after the scheduled trip to the gym or in the bar with friends, it never goes wrong on a call to go somewhere else. He will come when all will make previously scheduled. Or do not come.

He would not wait for requests for assistance

In Russia, not so rare to see the picture when the man on his own initiative helps women get heavy bag or stroller with a child out of the bus. Western men do so infrequently. In Europe and the United States reigns gender equality. Classes are not divided into "male" and "female." Therefore, men do not refuse to get out of the house, do laundry, cook. Husband can stay home with the children, and the wife - to work. And this one does not warp. But the things you no one will suffer, and the door will hold in front of you is not, and in the transport is not far behind ... Is not that older members of the sterner sex with old-fashioned education. This is because gender discrimination! As long as you do not refer to the man for help, he will not lift a finger. Yes, and if the contact is not a fact that will help - it may have other things to do ...

He will not take away from his wife's children

In Russia, after the divorce, the children mostly stay with their mother and father found them only on weekends. Some men, however, even then disappear from the life of the child.

Women who dared to marry a Western "princes" often then bitterly repent: if the marriage did not work out, they try to seize children or strictly control the situation in the former family and can achieve the transfer of the child in a foster home or orphanage, because his mother allegedly unable to cope with their parental responsibilities. And guardianship authorities often go to meet his father is, and not the mother.

As you can see, and Russian, and Western men has its pluses and minuses. See what you prefer.