The best exercises to burn fat

• The best exercises to burn fat

Way of life of modern man is far from perfect. We travel from the couch to the desk chair and did not notice how there is a problem of excess weight. Meanwhile, our company is focused on healthy and beautiful people - you do not want to fly out of the cage because of too much belly? Here you can find some of the most effective exercises that can make a graceful athlete, even one who has spent all winter under a warm blanket.

The best exercises to burn fat


683 calories / hour

Called sports videos does not turn the language. In fact, you roll it yourself around the neighborhood, to entertain and to examine the local beauty - and losing weight is simply because, at the same time.

The best exercises to burn fat


700 calories / hour

It may seem that 700 calories in an hour is not much - but then you are wrong. Basketball perfectly develops reactions, eye and speed.

The best exercises to burn fat


728 calories / hour

Tennis seriously will pump your endurance. Strong shoulders, biceps, slender legs and pumped up - seriously, this sport beautiful. In addition, you have ever seen the thick of Tennis? Exactly.

The best exercises to burn fat


755 calories / hour

Jogging easier. You may suffer from excess weight and still start training, gradually increasing the load. Running at a speed of 8-10 km / h will allow for almost an hour to burn eight calories.

The best exercises to burn fat


892 calories / hour

Of course, we are not talking about a leisurely floundering in the pool edge. To lose weight, you have to work hard. Swimming the crawl at the correct technique not only develops your shoulders, but also makes you slim.

The best exercises to burn fat

Muay Thai

937 calories / hour

Almost the best way to lose weight. Of course, just will not be: in Thai boxing is important endurance, which will have to develop long. However, just over an hour workout you will burn almost a thousand calories. Diet? Forget such loads can eat anything.

The best exercises to burn fat


1074 calories / hour

Why do you think boxers are so fond of rope? That's right: it helps to lose weight faster than other exercises. Take your time and do not try to otprygat once an hour, start with five minutes and slowly increase your workout.