14 unconventional methods of relieving stress psychologist

14 unconventional methods of relieving stress psychologist

The specialist recommends:

1. Comb

During the working day spent in front of the monitor, mimic muscles so tense that the head becomes heavy and begins to ache. One way to avoid stress - combing the hair for 10-15 minutes. This procedure helps to "disperse" the blood and relax the muscles.

2. Eat Ice Cream

Delicious food - an effective anti-stress doping. Keep a good mood, relieve stress, it helps oily fish, which contains omega-3, it is very useful for the nervous system. If you do not like fish, eat ice cream or banana. These products are better than antidepressants.

3. Massage

To save energy, massage for 30 seconds, the point under the nose, between the eyebrows, below the lower lip and the center of the palm.

4. Rub the palms

Another easy way to lose tension and avoid stress. You need to go all out to rub the hands together until they become hot. It is also useful to carefully rub the ears. So you will be able to cheer up and concentrate on work.

5. Rinse with conflicts and stress

To cope with the emotional negativity helping a 15-minute shower. Stand under a warm jet of water, so they massaged head and shoulders. Soon you will feel, as water carries with it all the unnecessary.

6. 27 items

Eastern practices taught: "Do you want to get rid of sadness, move 27 items in the house." It is believed that it frees up space for the energy that can freely slide in the right direction. Try this method and see for yourself that it helps the brain to switch, to escape from the problems and relax.

7. Stairway

Arrange the 30-second jog up and down - this exercise will strengthen the flow of oxygen to the limbic part of the brain responsible for emotional stress management.

8. Paint

Psychologists have found that coloring pictures for two or three minutes during periods of increased stress fivefold increases the likelihood of completion of the work on time. That is, you can not only relive stress, but may create some masterpiece.

9. tea with hibiscus

With the accumulation of radical people experiencing anxiety and panic disorder, specific to stress. Hibiscus on gives radicals concentrate, as if liquefies them and thus helps to relieve stress, not making you lethargic.

10. A flick of the hands of

For many people, stress is expressed in the fact that clamped to lose elasticity of the muscles of the shoulder girdle, neck and lumbar spine - hence the headaches, and back pain. Good help in this case can have a massage or swimming. At home and at work, you can perform simple exercises for relaxation: it is necessary to rotate the arms, bend them in different directions, and even do kick their feet.

11. Cleaning

Unfolding things in places helps organize thoughts, focus. In addition, neat shelves, drawers, cabinets gives a kind of psychological effect - external order and organization man unconsciously brings to his own life.

12 minutes to think

Find a way to stay home alone to organize thoughts. Turn on your favorite music, get out of the fridge a favorite treat, arrange in your favorite chair. Think about what you would like the most and write a wish on paper. View of a clear plan to help decide on further actions.

13. Aromatherapy

It smells strongly associated with emotional memory. It is therefore very useful to have at hand a fragrance associated with weathered moments of great joy and happiness, bliss. Breathe it more often, it will help to keep a good mood.

14. Dancing

Compulsory dance at home! Rhythmic movements with the music well help relieve stress. In addition, dance perceived as entertainment, as opposed to the same training in the fitness club.