The 10 biggest cities in the world by area

The 10 biggest cities in the world by area

Did you know that the largest city in the world lives in three times more people than in Moscow, and the city area is 32 times more than in Moscow? Read below.

№10. Wuhan (China) - 8494 km²

Wuhan stands at the confluence of the Yangtze and Han rivers. Wuhan metropolitan territory consists of 3 parts - Wuchang, Hankou and Hanyang, which together are called "Tri Wuhan". These three parts are opposite each other on different sides of the river, they are connected by bridges. The population of Wuhan - 10.22 million people.

The history of the city has 3000 years, when formed an important trading port on the site of the future Wuhan. In Wuhan there are 8 national and 14 public colleges and universities.

The 10 biggest cities in the world by area

№9. Kinshasa (Congo) - 9965 km²

Kinshasa - the capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, is located on the Congo River. Until 1966 Kinshasa was called Leopoldville. The city's population - 10,125,000 people.

Kinshasa - the second most populous city in Africa after Lagos.

The 10 biggest cities in the world by area

№8. Melbourne (Avtralii) - 9990 km²

Melbourne - the second largest city in Australia, the capital of Victoria. The population of metropolitan area is approximately 4,529,500 people. Melbourne - the southernmost city-millionaire in the world.

Melbourne - one of the major commercial, industrial and cultural centers of Australia. Melbourne is also often called "sports and cultural capital" of the country.

The city is famous for its architecture and the combination of the Victorian era and modern styles, parks, gardens. In 2016, The Economist magazine called the sixth consecutive Melbourne most comfortable cities of the world on a set of attributes. Melbourne was founded in 1835 as an agricultural settlement on the banks of the Yarra River.

The 10 biggest cities in the world by area


№7. Tianjin (China) - 11 760 km²

Tianjin is located in the north of China along the Bohai Bay. The city's population - 15,469,500 people. Most of the population - the Han, but also inhabited by small ethnic groups. Basically this: Hui, Koreans, Manchus and Mongols.

In XX century, Tianjin has become the locomotive of the Chinese industrialization, the largest center of heavy and light industry.

The 10 biggest cities in the world by area

№6. Sydney (Australia) - 12 144 km²

Sydney - Australia's largest city with a population of 4,840,600 people. Sydney - the capital of New South Wales.

Sydney was founded in 1788 by Arthur Phillip, who arrived here at the head of the First Fleet. Sydney first colonial European settlement in Australia. The town was named after Lord Sydney - Minister of Great Britain colonies.

The town is famous for its Opera House, Harbor Bridge and the beaches. Large residential neighborhoods of Sydney surrounded by national parks. The coastline is rich in inlets, bays, beaches and islands.

Sydney - one of the most multicultural and cosmopolitan cities in the world. Sydney ranks first in Australia and 66 in the world for the cost of living.

The 10 biggest cities in the world by area

№5. Chengdu (China) - 12 390 km²

Chengdu - a city-sub province in southwestern China, in Minjiang River Valley, the administrative center of Sichuan Province. Population - 14,427,500 people. The emblem of the city - an ancient gold disc "Golden Sun Bird", which was found in 2001 during the excavation of Jinsha culture in the city.

Chengdu - a major center of economy, trade, finance, science and technology, as well as - an important center of transport and communications. Chengdu has become the main center of the new urbanization of China.

The 10 biggest cities in the world by area

№4. Brisbane (Australia) - 15 826 km²

Brisbane - a city in the Australian state of Queensland. The city's population - 2,274,560 people.

The city is located in eastern Australia, on the banks of the Brisbane River and Moreton Bay Pacific Ocean. It is in the top hundred global cities in the world.

Founded in 1825, the old name - Edenglassi. Since 1859 - the capital of Queensland.

The 10 biggest cities in the world by area

№3. Beijing (China) - 16 801 km²

Beijing - capital of China. It is the largest rail and road junction and one of the major aviation hub of the country. Beijing - political, educational and cultural center of China.

Beijing - one of the four ancient capitals of China. In 2008, Beijing hosted the Summer Olympics. In 2022 the city will be held the Winter Olympic Games.

The city's population - 21,705,000 people.

The 10 biggest cities in the world by area

№2. Hangzhou (China) - 16 840 km²

Hangzhou - a city-subprovince, the capital of Zhejiang Province, located 180 kilometers southwest of Shanghai. The city's population - 9,018,500 people.

Former title of Hangzhou - Lin'an, in the pre-Mongol era was the capital of the Southern Song Dynasty and was the most populated city of the then world. Now Hangzhou is famous for tea plantations and natural beauty. The most famous place - West Lake.

The 10 biggest cities in the world by area

№1. Chongqing (China) - 82 400 km²

Chongqing - the largest area of ​​the four Chinese municipalities. The city's population - 30,165,500 people.

Chongqing has arisen more than 3 thousand. Years ago. The city was the capital of the kingdom, and was named Ba Jianzhou.

Now Chongqing is one of China's biggest commercial centers. Most of the city's economy is built on the industry. Main industries: chemical, machine building and metallurgy. Chongqing is also the largest base for the production of Chinese cars. Here are 5 manufacturing facilities and more than 400 plants for the production of automotive parts.


Moscow - 2561 km2Cank Petersburg - 1439 km2

Ekaterinburg - 468 km2

Kazan - 425 km2

Novosibirsk - 505 km2

Volgograd - 565 km2