15 shockingly small dwellings of the world

Well, when the house - a fortress. What would you say if you had to live in a space that is more like a closet or suitcase, what can be considered an apartment in the conventional sense of the word? Or about the house in a pair of square meters? In crowded cities, where rents sometimes eats all income, such a decision seems very wise. 15 of the smallest "houses" of the world in our special collection of amazing facts.

15 shockingly small dwellings of the world

These tiny apartments would certainly be better described as "cramped", not "cozy", but nevertheless they provide housing at an affordable price for their owners or tenants ... Some of them are even equipped with such wit and engineering ideas, it seems that the place is more than enough. Who knows, maybe these modest dwellings will make you inspired to cut costs on the rent ... or cheer you up, because compared to many of them, we live in a huge mansion.

Gothenburg - a room in the style of the needle

15 shockingly small dwellings of the world

This tiny and perfect Swedish flat - work of designers and Torsten Ottesen Lars Izestiga. Although they have only 183 square feet, they were able to create an amazing and functional living space that many people would not mind to call home.

Their house is located on three floors with two staircases: there is a kitchen, a bathroom with shower and living room, which can also be viewed as a guest bedroom. As for the master bedroom, it really is impressive and looks in an igloo style. Their house has a storage space and a small dining area. The main space was made open to the guests do not suffer from claustrophobia, and its center is the only one in the window of the apartment.

London - One-room flat

15 shockingly small dwellings of the world

No one has any doubt that London is one of the most expensive cities in the world where you can buy property, so it makes sense if astute investors will consider options in life seemed to be incredibly small spaces.

A small studio apartment in the popular area of ​​Islington has an area of ​​just 188 square feet: a tiny komorka boasts a bed in 'mezzanine' kitchen under the stairs, and a small living room and a bathroom with toilet and shower.

It has been described the agent as "a unique single house in excellent condition in the heart of Barsnburi". As for the price, it is by the standards of London is quite low - 347000 dollars.

This can be an excellent option for those who do not plan to spend too much time at home. Provided, of course, that they are not a lot of personal belongings.

Rhode Island - a house with 48 flats

15 shockingly small dwellings of the world

A miniature apartment in Rhode Island is one of 48 "micro-apartments" that were created from the shops in the gallery of Providence, the first shopping and entertainment center of America, which was built 188 years ago.

Reconstruction was completed commonwealth architects who transformed the former boutiques in the studio range from 225 to 275 square feet.

- Our tenants should have only two suitcases of things - and they can easily be located, - said the chief architect Michael Abbott.

Each apartment is fully equipped with two beds, chest of drawers, a sofa, a flat-screen TV and a kitchen table. They all have equipped bathrooms, kitchen with mini-fridge, sink and microwave (not ideal for those who prefer to cook at home). The apartments also have access to a common room with TV and computers, laundry and additional storage space for bicycles and so on. D.

South Africa - Pod Indawo

15 shockingly small dwellings of the world

The difference between this mikrokvartiry from the others - it really is a prefabricated house that can be moved to where your heart desires. South African Architects Clara da Cruz Almeida and the studio "Collaborate 000" developed a house called 'Pod Indawo' - a very nice mobile home, which boasts a high and ecology.

Capsule 183 square feet includes a kitchen, a sleeping area, and an outdoor patio. There's a sofa bed, desk and storage space.

The developers say that the "capsule" will be an excellent solution for young South Africans who are searching for their first home, or even for homeowners who want to host the guests. Although the "capsule" is still in the prototype stage, the creators believe that ultimately the price tag will range from $ 18 000 to $ 61,000.

Seattle - minidom own hands

15 shockingly small dwellings of the world

Seattle has become something of a leader in the "mikrozhilya" US market. An example of this can be called a house of Steve Sauer, who made a house with his hands.

He spent a total of seven years in order to perfect 182 square feet of space, and as a result got a comfortable and fully functional three-storey house.

- I wanted it to be a single space without any excess, - says Steve. - Quality is more important than quantity, and the extra space is only a problem.

The apartment has two beds is now a bathroom with shower, fully equipped kitchen with a dishwasher and a bar with a TV area and a guest.

There is also storage space, including two bicycles.

Steve spent hours searching for the furniture, which he wanted to furnish their homes, and that he could not find himself did.

Geneva - 12 meters of useful

15 shockingly small dwellings of the world

Geneva naturally is one of the most expensive cities in various rankings of the world, but even so, this apartment has caused quite a stir when in 2015, was posted on the Internet.

With the price in 1185 Swiss francs (about 1,172 US dollars) per month for rent - it caused a shock among users, who accused the owners of greed - can not cost so much apartment with total area of ​​12 meters.

With a serious lack of the real estate, lease, which means that the inflated rents, unfortunately, not uncommon in an expensive Swiss town ... And because this apartment fairly quickly find its owner. Hopefully, someone who lives here, a big fan of wooden panels, and does not have more than one suitcase of things ...

New York - a professional organizer

15 shockingly small dwellings of the world

Many people are thinking about moving to Manhattan, but you have to compromise when it comes to residential premises ... But this apartment of 90 square feet, is likely to be too small for the large number of people to live in it.

This house Felice Cohen, which paid $ 700 per month for a place in the six years to 2013.

Although she admits that she was here a panic attack the first night, she had to use all the experience of a professional organizer to make a small space suitable for life, including the development of storage upright system, the fruit in the microwave and get rid of most pieces of furniture. She has no regrets about his time in a tiny apartment - on the money that it could be postponed, she could afford to buy a much larger apartment in the same area.

Paris - service experience in the army

15 shockingly small dwellings of the world

Paris apartments are distinguished by their small size, but the studio of 86 square feet on the seventh floor - this is the aerobatics. Before she had been processing the architectural firm "Kitok" komorka this was just a utility room with a sink. Now it's "smart" space in the style of "Swiss knife", which is all that can be required even for a small family.

The room is renovated, and now there is a kitchen, bathroom, table and storage space, it's all hidden in a sliding wardrobe.

The steps leading to the bedroom area, double small room and mini-kitchen is located in a hidden sink and appliances.

Of course, it is slightly irritating that everything is in boxes and drawers, which account for all the time to pull out, but there are probably many people who would love to call this place home, if it gives the opportunity to live in the heart of one of the most beautiful cities world.

Madrid - empty box of

15 shockingly small dwellings of the world

This small Madrid apartment has been specially designed for those who work at home. Spanish architects from the studio "MYCC" created a micro-apartment, which has a mezzanine with a bedroom, kitchen, living room and bathroom. The interior is white, to make the space visually larger and attractive.

Architects say that the apartment - as an empty box that is just waiting to fill it:

- In the very first sketches of the idea to light the space with simple floor and multiple levels. There are only twenty square meters, but they account for more than 100 cubic meters of volume. In such a confined space can live and work in one person. We think that it will use your creativity to make a real home of our boxes.

New York - 78 square feet

Now we are back in New York in the tiniest apartment in the United States! Architect Luke Clark Tyler - the proud occupant of the apartment of 78 square feet, located in the most sought after location in Manhattan. He pays $ 800 a month for an apartment that looks like a robbery in terms of square meter of housing ... He does not have a kitchen but has a microwave, refrigerator and built-in stands neatly under his desk ...

He had to construct their own bed, and he had to share a bathroom with three other apartments. Despite all this, he is very happy:

- I've lived in places for refugees in the South-East, in the slums of East Africa, and I do not think that this tiny apartment - big problem. You can call it a corridor, a closet or a kitchen, but for me this is my home.

Warsaw - the narrowest house

15 shockingly small dwellings of the world

This apartment has the honor to be called not only the smallest apartment in the world, it is one of the most narrow flats. Built in 2012 by the architect Jakub Szczesny, she is 122 cm at its widest point and 72 cm at its narrowest.

This Warsaw refuge Israeli writer Etgar Keret, who visits him two or three times a year. For it is particularly important location of the apartment - here in Will, once he lived his mother, who was able to escape death by hiding between the houses.

On the two floors of the house has it all: a bedroom, kitchen, living room ... This apartment is really too small to be considered technically residence in accordance with Polish law, so that the "Keret House" is considered something of an art installation.

Rome - one tiny room

15 shockingly small dwellings of the world

A small but well-furnished apartment - the work of Italian architect and designer Marco Peratstsi. He stumbled on the place in 2010, when it stood empty for several decades. At first it was a tiny room, but Marco has updated it completely by placing it in the bathroom with shower, sleeping and living areas, and that is unusual for such a small apartment, a fully equipped kitchen. 75 square feet it has everything you need - and the most important is its location - just a short walk from the Pantheon and St. Peter's square.

However, after the appearance of the child, Marco and his wife decided that the apartment is a bit small for three of them, so that they now rent it out to tourists.

Seoul - Goshivon

15 shockingly small dwellings of the world

It should be noted that in one of the most populated cities in the world, Seoul, not very large apartments. However, the tiny one-room studios are becoming more and more common, many residents have become accustomed to living in an extremely compact environment. The idea for this type of studio dates back to the dormitory corridor with rooms in 4 square meters - "goshivonov" with a common kitchen, usually populated by students of higher educational institutions that pay the rent from $ 250 to $ 400 per month.

These tiny apartment may seem like an extreme measure, but given that the deposit for a house can cost thousands of dollars, and goshivony goshiteli become the salvation for the budget. If you want to try life in goshitele - for 730 dollars a month, you can find something on Airbnb.

Hong Kong - miniapartamenty

15 shockingly small dwellings of the world

Today, Hong Kong is known as the most expensive place on the planet in terms of property values, so it's no surprise that owners of scarce budget are forced to live in less spacious apartments.

However, images taken by the Human Rights Organization of China, demonstrate the shocking reality of many families who live in tiny houses of 40 square feet.

There's barely enough room for a toilet and shower, most of the apartments are furnished with bunk beds, which can sleep up to five or six people. If placed inside the cooking equipment and clothing storage, almost no place for the family to all sit together at the table.

Tokyo - Flat-closet

15 shockingly small dwellings of the world

If you want to live in the most popular area of ​​Tokyo (like Shibuya)? Then consider budget option Geki-Sema - if you do not have claustrophobia, of course. Like the famous capsule hotel, the room-cabinets have enough space for sleeping, storing clothes and personal items. However, there is one significant difference - in contrast to the capsule hotels, apartments, box designed for the most of the long-term stays ...

Apartments have shared bathrooms, but stacked resemble lockers in the pool than people at home. Some of the rooms reach a length of several meters and have no windows. Despite this, the rent for one of these wonderful places can range $ 480 and $ 600 per month.