Methods of dealing with corruption in the USSR

Corrupt officials in Russia have always been. Abuse of citizens are not deterred even the death penalty. In Soviet society, where all were equal a priori, be sure to find someone who wants to stand out. And even if the government showed political will in an effort to eradicate bribery and extortion, corrupt officials began to act like a real band, covering each other, bribing judges and investigators. And may punish not all, but most high-profile trials were probably indicative periodically unravels quite cunning corruption chain.

Methods of dealing with corruption in the USSR

The most terrible punishment for corrupt party

Methods of dealing with corruption in the USSR

After Stalin's Soviet level of corruption has increased multiply. Now corruption is no longer sent to the camps, and the maximum that they were threatened - excommunication from the trough. Stately corrupt risked only removed from office or expulsion from the Party. And in the most extreme cases. In such hothouse conditions of the party nomenklatura gradually arrogated to themselves the privilege of untouchability, becoming virtually jurisdiction. It got to the point that without a visual signal from the top law enforcement officials had no right to bring against the perpetrators of the criminal case managers.

The fight against corruption in the country was governed exclusively party, for which reason it is logical signs kompaneyschiny acquired. The country is divided into spheres of influence on the principle of allocation of scarce goods. It was at that time and formed approach, "the money is there, and nothing to buy." As such, he lasted until the "shock therapy" of Gaidar's government, was replaced by another: "you can buy everything, but no money." The absence of punishment for corruption was observed until the mid 60s. The central government, on the contrary, used the situation as a tool to maintain humility. At any moment you can trigger anti-corruption case in relation to the satrap of otbivshemusya hands. Thus, the deficit turned into a way of earning money, and bribery and nepotism - the loyalty of a weapon.

Brezhnev initiative

Methods of dealing with corruption in the USSR

Getting closer to the 1970 high-profile anti-corruption processes more like stacked in the framework of the law and the removal of unwanted muscle game. Similarly, it looked like "knitting work" under Khrushchev, when the first head of the sights in one fell swoop to frighten all the Soviet shadow businesses. As a result of the arrests, which began in 1961, behind bars were 700 people who were seized during a search of billions. 28 out of the detained sentenced to death, five of whom subsequently pardoned.

In the same period, thundered loud exposing the Moscow group headed by Korshilovoy, director of the Moscow department store. Investigators announced about that in 5 years it was stolen state property worth more than 2 million rubles. This amount is considered to be "firing". But the protection of the infamous minister Furtsevoy Korshilovu relieved from liability, and after a short time korruptsionersha has led other major Moscow store. Less fortunate her two accomplices, who were shot.

More determined opposition to Soviet corrupt taken Brezhnev. He considered the current trend dangerous. Corruption by the time reached a new, republican level. National partelity entwined in-established corrupt schemes with commercial and industrial circles so that the growing threat of the formation of separate political entities until the Union.

Scheme plunders national scale

Methods of dealing with corruption in the USSR

When the pervasive corruption in Azerbaijan began to threaten the stability of the Union is so valued, general security Aliyev was placed at the head of Azerbaijan. After cleaning media frames it is removed from the workplace to 2000 officials, part of which is arrested. This picture at the time gave the rot through the party power moral appeal. In this case, the extent of corruption in the country has not diminished. There was a change of elites, and transition critical positions with access to the treasury to another clan.

The new leadership is enjoying life more than ever. All bought and sold not only in Azerbaijan. In 1982, the Prosecutor General of the USSR have received a statement by the First Secretary of the Khorezm regional party committee Khudaybergenova in which he admitted to giving them a bribe in the amount of 1, 5 million rubles, the first secretary of the Communist Party of Uzbekistan for the promise of the Hero of Socialist Labor awarding the title. A Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of Uzbekistan Kahramanov and could not explain the interrogation, he was born in 1940, he was awarded medals for participation in the Second World War and Defense Khalkhin Gol. But the biggest thing that exposing period was the "cotton".

The state each year, "surrendered" over half a million tons of cotton non-existent - you can only imagine how much money was stolen from the state treasury. These funds Uzbek elite could afford sweet life, willingly sharing stolen goods with the capital authorities. Local partiyschiki setting almost feudal regime, to dispose of the property as the peasants. And the police with prosecutors were tame. Local leaders have owned expensive cars and mansions of the rich. At the same time hundreds of thousands of residents of Tashkent alone languished in semi-dugouts without sanitation or running water. According to the results was completed in the 89th investigate 800 cases of embezzlement and bribery, sentenced about 4 thousand. People were instituted. But Karimov, who became in 1991 the president of Uzbekistan, decided to pardon all involved in the case and are serving in the republic.

Andropov and son-in period for the Secretary General

Methods of dealing with corruption in the USSR

Andropov came to power focused on the fight against the trade mafia. One of the first arrested for bribery first director Eliseevsky deli. Despite the truthful testimony and assist law enforcement agencies, he was awarded the highest measure. This was followed by the arrest of thousands of others. Total liability attracted about 15 thousand people from the sphere of trade.

But the most significant public outcry caused the exposure of the immediate environment of the first leaders. Gennady Borovin secretary "dear Leonid Ilyich," was behind the abuse of 9 years in prison. Behind him, like a mere mortal, followed by Yuri Churbanov - Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs and part-in-law of Leonid Brezhnev. With the coming to power of Gorbachev's government suspended sensitively fight against corruption and, later, its very existence.