Star couple who separated after joint projects

Office romances on the set - a common thing, because workflow often takes most of his life. But sometimes the opposite: the work becomes thus a stumbling block, which eventually destroys the union of two creative people. We have collected for you the star couple, who end the relationship immediately after the films together.

Jennifer Lawrence and Darren Aronofsky

Star couple who separated after joint projects

Roman Oscar-winning actress and a famous director began during their joint work on the film "Mama!". For a long time, and Lawrence Aronofsky concealed from the public relations, and only a year later, the couple began to appear in public.

However, the idyll in the pair did not last too long: after the picture in the star rolled said on parting. The reason for the gap, according to Lawrence, became creative differences. Aronofsky was obsessed by the film and talking about it, still even read out the beloved negative reviews from critics.

Natalie Dormer and Anthony Byrne

Star couple who separated after joint projects

His fiancé, Irish actor Anthony Byrne, Natalie met at the casting of the series "The Tudors" in 2007. A little later, the young people have started to live together in one of the suburbs of London, and in 2011, Anthony made a beloved marriage proposal.

However, before the marriage case to the great disappointment of fans couple never came. Byrne took up shooting of the film "Invisible", and Natalie, of course, supported him throughout. She not only played a major role in the film, but also acted as a screenwriter.

The tape was released in 2018, and shortly thereafter Dormer reported break the engagement and separation from her boyfriend. The rift in the relationship started back on the set, and the problem gradually got into their family life. Later, the actress said that despite the uncomplicated family life with Anthony, she is still very respected him.

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman

Star couple who separated after joint projects

The actors met at the casting of the film "Days of Thunder". Cruz was already a popular, and Nicole has not played any prominent role. According to the actor, she immediately charmed him, and feelings were mutual. The novel develops more rapidly than. Including a divorce from his first wife, and immediately made a proposal Kidman.

During the marriage actors adopted two children and played together in three films. The last straw was the film "Eyes Wide Shut", during the filming of that crisis came in the couple's relationship. In 2001, Tom and Nicole divorced quite a bit short of the tenth wedding anniversary.

, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Brigitte Nielsen

Star couple who separated after joint projects

model Brigitte Nielsen of Denmark was not even thinking about the film career, until suddenly not auditioned for a role in the fantasy film "Red Sonja", where the main male role was played by Schwarzenegger. According to the actress, behind the scenes, Arnold seemed to her good-natured and self-confident man, that immediately caught her attention.

On set between her and actor happened "chemistry" that eventually led to a stormy romance. In 21-year-old Brigitte in Copenhagen left her husband and small child. The actress admitted to reporters that she felt a deep sense of guilt, despite a long-standing rift in her family life. Schwarzenegger during the filming of "Red Sonja" was already engaged to Maria Shriver, although Nielsen insisted that did not know that all serious boyfriend with another girl. Long this union did not: after the completion of filming the actors decided to return to his mate.

Ashton Kutcher and Brittany Murphy

Star couple who separated after joint projects

Ashton and Brittany began to meet on the set of the comedy "Just Married." According to the stories of the actor, at first they were just good friends, and a lot of time together. However, when the friendship flowed smoothly in a romantic direction, lovers opted not to show the relationship. Nevertheless, the press do not care about all learned.

The novel was short-lived: the stars have decided to leave after a while after the picture. The real reasons for the gap so no one knew, as Brittany and Ashton did not want to share with reporters the details of his personal life. Celebrity Friends say that the actors have finished relationship peacefully and never told each other anything wrong.

Cameron Diaz and Matt Dillon

Star couple who separated after joint projects

In 1998, Diaz and Dillon, who at that time had already been together for 3 years, played a loving couple in the comedy "There's Something About Mary." Acting both definitely a success, but their personal relationship after working on a joint project soured. Shortly after the premiere, the young people have left.

After that Dillon has long maintained that Cameron was the only girl, to whom he felt so deep feelings. Perhaps this is why the actor still has not found the second half, while Cameron has almost 20 years after the novel by Matt married musician Benji Madden and is now perfectly happy.