The early beauties in politics

• The first beauty in politics

Beauty contests, there more than 130 years: the first such competition was held in the beauties of the Belgian town of Spa. Can the beauty save the world, as the proverb says? We tell what our foreign and ex-beauty queen in politics.

Oxana Fedorova

The early beauties in politics

Oxana Fedorova became the owner of two honorary titles: "Miss Russia" (2001) and "Miss Universe" (2002), having lost the second because of the lack of due obligations to her. The most famous in the world, "Miss" of Russian origin, was involved in the scandal parapolitical: Oksana almost did not go out of the country as a charity trip, rarely attending promotional events and did not participate in the cultural life of the considerations of a personal nature.

Donald Trump, owner of the company that organized the beauty contest, Oksana deprived of the title "Miss Universe" because of its incompetence in international business matters. In addition, Fedorov took part in the filming of the American Howard Stern Show under the patronage of Donald Trump. program participants have filled up provocative questions that had to be responsible and Fedorova including.

The whole career of Oksana has developed successfully: in addition to modeling and working in television in 2001, she began to teach civil law at St. Petersburg University of the Interior Ministry, as an assistant professor of the department of the same name. In 2003, Fedorov joined the Russian Party of Life (later - "Fair Russia" - Ed...). It seems that the acute shortage of long-legged politicians observed in the Duma.

Victoria Lopyreva

The early beauties in politics

Another successful "Miss" was engaged in social and political activities, replacing the crown on business style. Victoria won the title of "Miss Russia" in 2003, and in 2005 headed the directorate of the contest. In addition, she has repeatedly participated in regional competitions.

In addition to activities in the post the Ambassador FIFA Lopyreva became UN ambassador against discrimination in Russia, began to deal with the charitable foundation that helps the victims of armed conflicts.

Lopyreva has repeatedly stated that he wants as much attention paid to public concerns and issues of internal and foreign policy. The former "Miss" in everyday use refutes sexist stereotype about blondes mental abilities, which we are only too happy!

Ksenia Sukhinova

The early beauties in politics

Ksenia won the status of "Miss Russia" in 2007 without difficulty, to contest pacing the catwalk at Milan Fashion Week. In 2008, she won the title of "Miss World", gaining more and more popularity not only in Russia but also abroad.

She worked as a model in Europe for some time lived in New York and then returned to Russia, where he has been actively engaged in socio-political and social activities. By decree of the President of RF Xenia received membership in the Public Chamber on environmental issues and became a goodwill ambassador of Abkhazia. The award-winning beauty cleverly manages to combine modeling shoot and participate in the life of the country. One can only envy such productivity!

Eunice Olsen

The early beauties in politics

Eunice Olsen - winner of the local competition "Miss Singapore Universe 2000" - became a politician in 27 years. Olsen was chosen Singapore deputies by presidential decree in 2004. The most beautiful and the youngest, she is really active in the affairs of national importance and volunteer activities, represented Singapore at the World Economic Forum, and participated in a host of other important events.

According to the results online survey Olsen entered the top 10 most beautiful politicians in the world, and a year later was named the sexiest woman on the Singapore version of Esquire magazine. That's really who accurately clever, beautiful and even the Komsomol in Singapore!

Mara Carfagna

The early beauties in politics

Mara participated in the national contest "Miss Italia" in 1997 and won the sixth place there. After that she started working in television presenter media company owned by Silvio Berlusconi.

In 2006, she joined the chamber of deputies from the party "Forza Italia". Mara Carfagna became a cause of conflict between spouses Berlusconi: bad joke politician on his sympathies to the Mare displeased wife. Loving policy had to publicly apologize to his wife for reckless phrase. Senorita Carfagna was appointed as Minister for Equal Opportunities, and soon vice-president of the Chamber of Deputies. This is where exactly the absolute dolce vita!

Iris Mittenaar

The early beauties in politics

"Miss Universe - 2017", French Iris Mittenaar, after the coveted victory in the competition started playing the game of the powerful. By education girl dentist, but participation in beauty contests came to fruition: receiving a universal title, Iris began to engage in social activities and soon plunge into scandal.

Careless French publicly criticized the immigration policy of Donald Trump. Iris, as they say, "drowned" for globalization, without limitation, obviously trying to get approval from the powers that be, which caused public discontent.