My head properly: Tips trichologist

• My head properly: Tips trichologist

Wash your hair - what could be easier? It turns out that it is also possible to do wrong! Here are some rules dismantled trichologist.

My head properly: Tips trichologist

1. My when you want to

Surely you said that every day the head can not be washed. Usually really simple: wash as needed. If your hair is greasy and need daily washing, give it to them. Can you do a week - also good. In winter, the hair can be washed with a little less in the summer - more often.

2. The shampoo does not always need the

If you wash your head every day, you can sometimes do without shampoo! Refresh hair with water, then apply to the ends of air conditioning, dry - and they look great.

3. It is better to wash twice

If you wash your hair once or twice a week, perhaps, one application of shampoo is not enough. The first time you remove the main dirt, in the second - to clear completely. It individually, and it is necessary to look through his hair.

4. Pick temperature of

For thorough cleaning of dirty hair should include warm water to freshen hairstyle - cool. Avoid very hot: it spoils and do hair and scalp.

5. Do not rush to

Experts recommend to wet hair for 30-40 seconds before applying the shampoo, then the effect will be maximal. And do not forget to thoroughly wash means to no skin irritation appeared.

6. stimulates the skin

Shampoo should not just apply and rinse. Make circular movements with your fingertips, starting from the hairline and moving farther. Massage improves the quality of cleaning and stimulates the hair follicles.

7. Choose the right shampoo

The most important thing - it must be suitable to your hair type. Shampoos for the volume of a lighter composition and moisturizing - heavy, so the problem is in many cases not at all in the hair.