How to convince myself to go to the gym

Everyone knows that the sport - an important component of good health of any person. Not for nothing on the subject invented a thousand proverbs: "A healthy body healthy mind", "movement - this is life" and others. But there is little to buy a gym membership - you need to also walk. And how to do it, if laziness was born ahead of you? Let's understand why people do not want to go to training, and how to remedy the situation, to be able to enjoy the pleasure of each session.

How to convince myself to go to the gym

So, what are afraid of people who do not want to go to the gym?

1. I am the weakest / inexperienced / fat

How to convince myself to go to the gym

The extra weight should not be an obstacle on the way to training. / Photo:

Fear of becoming a laughing stock in front of the other guys who deal with you in a group or room, probably the strongest. Especially if you have absolutely no experience in sports, and in gym you were not in the list of leaders. But that is no reason to hide in a shell like a snail. Not all people come to the gym with a wealth of knowledge and skills. Most, like you, for the first time try their hand in this field. Therefore we suggest to forget about your fear and start practicing. Remember that no one in the room except the coach does not care about your abilities and appearance. Experience comes with time, and the body after a few weeks of training will get stronger and get used to all the stress.

2. I did not get the

How to convince myself to go to the gym

Do not be guided by others. / Photo:

Thus fears normally susceptible women with low self-esteem. It is much easier to convince yourself that it does not work, you go to the gym and to test their strength. But how do you know that the sport - it's not for you if you try to go at least a few workouts? We offer to start small, gradually moving on to more advanced exercises. In the first lesson you can just walk on a treadmill at a moderate pace, to work with small weights, do stretches.

3. I do not know how it works

How to convince myself to go to the gym

The trainer will tell all the nuances of employment. / Photo:

If you signed up for the gym and are afraid that will not understand in a variety of devices that are here, just talk to the coach. After listening to your needs and goals, he will tell you what exercise equipment you are most suitable and how to deal with them. If you hesitate to contact a professional before going to the gym a look on the Internet, how to use the most popular devices. There is another option - often themselves simulators have their instructions, so just pay attention to these signs.

With the basic fears understood. Now let's talk about how to overcome them.

1. Determine the objectives and terms of their performance

How to convince myself to go to the gym

Make a plan for training. / Photo:

Remember one simple thing: the day you can write a term paper, but does not pump up the press. Therefore, to adequately assess their strength and is determined to when you want to get a result. If in May, you made the decision to pull the figure for vacation, you realize very well that in the last 7 days before the trip to the sea the desired results you will achieve. Therefore, proceed as follows: divide the goal into steps and determine what effect you have to reach the end of each week, for example, to lose weight by 1 kg. Next, talk to your coach, how many times in 7 days, you have to go to the gym (usually two or three sessions is enough). Now the main thing to follow the plan and do not disrupt the deadlines. Then the goal is reached Buda on time.

2. Take a friend with

How to convince myself to go to the gym

With a girlfriend to engage in fun and effective. / Photo:

If you go to the gym with a friend or girlfriend, then the effect will be much better. First, who will get to attend classes. Second, the exercise would be a shame to miss - no one can count the repetitions or hedge. And thirdly, if your girlfriend is in very good shape, then you will want to be like her, so you start to train a lot harder.

3. Find a gym close to home

How to convince myself to go to the gym

Gym next to the house - it's convenient. / Photo:

Laziness will win a close location to the gym. In this case, you simply will not have excuses of type: transport can not walk the streets covered with snow with snow, tired after work, and go away, and so on.

4. Buy a subscription for a year

How to convince myself to go to the gym

Subscription for a year - it is profitable. / Photo:

Outsmart yourself: buy a gym membership than a month and a year. In this case, you have to regularly go to exercise, if only because that would be a pity money spent.

5. Locate the "interest"

How to convince myself to go to the gym

Communication with the person who you like, a variety of workouts. / Photo:

If a guy (girl) will train in the same room with you, that you really enjoy, then you will try as much as possible to go to school to see him (her), to impress or just to chat. Attend training at the same time as the favorite person. Waiting for the meeting will be a great motivation.

6. Buy a beautiful form

How to convince myself to go to the gym

Bright shape - a pledge of confidence and good mood. / Photo:

Perhaps someone this point seems obvious, but it really works. It is unlikely that you will feel more confident if you wear an old T-shirt stretched and gray shorts that seen better days. But in a new form you will immediately feel a surge of energy. Bright colors and nice fabric cheer up and help you fall in love with his reflection in the mirror. In addition, the clothes will charge you with positive emotions, which will become your ideal assistant in training.

7. Wear Red

How to convince myself to go to the gym

Red - the color of the leaders. / Photo:

In continuation of the previous point: choosing to store a new form, stop on red. The results showed that if two equal rival power converge in a fight, then win the man in red. Try, all of a sudden a bright color will help you to achieve good results.

8. Buy a sports bag

How to convince myself to go to the gym

Sports bag should be light and comfortable. / Photo:

Go to the store for a light spacious bag for fitness. In the evening, put it near the front door in the morning to be sure to get stuck and do not forget to take the form of suicide. Then you will have no excuses: "I forgot sneakers", "I did not take the shorts" and so on.

9. Use the carrot and stick method

How to convince myself to go to the gym

The new shoes - the best reward for the hard training. / Photo:

Remember those beautiful shoes at a shop window by which you go for a week, but did not get, because the finances do not allow? Promise yourself that after a month of training you will be sure to buy them. A kind of carrot and stick.

10. Show off your plans to

How to convince myself to go to the gym

Tell colleagues about their plans to go to the gym. / Photo:

If you tell everyone at work that signed up to the gym and soon lose weight 10 kg, your pride will not allow truancy. Public goal setting will play in your favor and will be a good motivation. Otherwise, if you do not follow his promise in the team you will be regarded as a man who does not keep his word.

11. Flow, a song!

How to convince myself to go to the gym

Select your phone in the most energetic songs. / Photo:

What is the best help to cheer up and be filled with the forces? That's right, music! So be sure to make up for himself an energetic playlist, which will include your favorite songs. The main thing - to choose exclusively rhythmic songs, otherwise you run the risk of not cheer yourself up and go to sleep right on the lesson.