Pilaf recipes around the world

With chicken, pork, lamb, seafood, vegetables and quince - all this rice, which is so much like it, but not everyone knows how to cook it, so it was crisp and incredibly tasty, from one species and the flavor is salivating flowed I would brook. The number of possible variations awakens the appetite and the desire to immediately taste the different peoples of the world who were able to bring him a piquant flavor and diversity, giving us a myriad of different recipes, among which everyone will find for themselves something suitable.

Pilaf recipes around the world

1. pilaf Afghan

Pilaf recipes around the world

Kabuli - a traditional Afghan pilaf, which is famous for its taste, special grinds all the ingredients and juicy meat (mainly mutton / lamb, but in principle, if desired, can be substituted for beef or pork).


• Rice - 6 cups (no slides);

• Lamb - 1-1, 5 kg;

• Sol - 3 h x.

• A mixture of spices "Garam Masala";

• A handful of dried fruits (apricots, raisins, prunes - your choice);

• A handful of nuts (almonds, pistachios, cashew - your choice);

• Carrots - 1 pc;

• Onions - 2 pcs;

• Garlic - 2 heads;

• Turmeric - 1 pinch;

• Sugar to taste;

• Sunflower oil;

• Broth - 250 ml.

Pilaf recipes around the world


• Figure rinse well until then, until the water is completely transparent;

• After you pour hot water and leave for the night;

• Onions and carrots cut into small cubes or strips;

• Meat cut into small cubes or medium (straws);

• In the cauldron (or deep pan) pour many oils - so that it was not less than 1, 5 cm;

• After heat well on medium heat, gradually decreasing power;

• In boiling oil to put a whole (medium-sized) onion;

• Sauté it to a dark color; • After you remove it with a slotted spoon;

• Sliced ​​meats shift in the red-hot oil, which has just roasted onions;

• Stir and fry up until the moisture evaporates;

• Season with salt and add the seasoning;

• Top with finely chopped carrots and onions;

• Following them, add nuts and dried fruit;

• Over vegetable pillow lay a clean rice and 2 heads of garlic;

• Sprinkle seasoning residues;

• in 1 liter of boiling water to dissolve 1 hour. L. salt;

• to receive the solution gently pour pilaf so that the liquid has covered all the products 2 cm;

• Dishes are prepared on the fire a little more than average, uncovered;

• Once the water evaporates, and the rump will be small holes, the fire reduced to a minimum;

• After dish cover and simmer for at least 10-15 minutes.

2. Pilaf Arabic

Pilaf recipes around the world

Arabic pilaf - one of the most common dishes in the eastern countries, which pleases a pleasant taste and quite an interesting combination of ingredients.


• Red rice - 200 g;

• Lentil - 100 g;

• Raisins yellow - 50 g;

• Pine nuts - 50 g;

• Onion - 600 g;

• Olive oil - 50 g;

• melted butter - 20 g;

• Tomato paste - 30 g;

• Black pepper - 2 g;

• Cinnamon Powdered - 1 g;

• Clove powder - 1 g;

• chili pepper powder - 2 g;

• Salt to taste;

• Cilantro to taste.

Pilaf recipes around the world


• Rice soak for 2-3 hours;

• Onions clean;

• Cut top and bottom for stability on the tray;

• Baking send parchment paper;

• Grease the paper with olive oil;

• Once set vertically bulbs;

• Season with salt and pepper, drizzle with olive oil;

• Bake in a preheated 200 degree oven for about 30 minutes (until golden brown);

• Ready-bulbs to cool;

• lentils rinsed under cold running water; • Cut off the bow cut into small cubes;

• In the cauldron heat the remaining oil and fry until golden brown chopped onion;

• Put on top of the rice and stir;

• tomato paste diluted in 50 ml of water and pour into the rice and onions;

• Sauté still for about a minute;

• Add spices and lentils;

to stir thoroughly;

• Pour 500-600 ml boiled water;

• Once again, mix gently;

• Cover with a lid, reduce the heat to low and cook until ready;

• Of the remaining bulbs to make molds by extrusion of the core;

• Leave a maximum of 2-3 layers;

• The bottom of the molds to close one of the sheets of onion;

• In a frying pan on the melted butter fry peeled nuts and raisins;

• After you add them to rice;

• Re-mix;

• Since molds onion pilaf (tight enough, but at the same time trying not to damage the bow);

• Align stuffed bow on baking and accurately pour all the water (about 2 tablespoons / 1..);

• Baking and pour a little water;

• Bake in a preheated oven at 180 ° C for 15-20 minutes;

• Pilaf fed with portions laid out on it stuffed onions;

• Garnish with cilantro on top finely chopped.

3. Pilaf Turkish

Pilaf recipes around the world

As is well known, are famous not only pilaf Uzbeks and Tatars, and the Turks, who with all his heart and love suited to the preparation of the dishes can surprise with their originality and even the most refined of sophisticated gourmet.


Recipe number 1 with lamb

• lamb - 1, 2 kg;

• Basmati rice - 2 cups;

• Oil - 100 g;

• Onions - 2 pcs;

• Carrots - 2 pcs;

• A handful of dried or dried berries (suitable currant, cherry, pomegranate and raisins);

• Nuts - 2 tbsp. l;

• salt and herbs to taste.

Cooking method:

• Cut the meat in batches;

• Wash and put in a pot of cold water; • Remove the foam after boiling and cook until separation from the bone;

• Boil the rice until almost cooked in well salted water;

• Tilt in a colander;

• In the butter in a pan with a thick bottom half rings fry chopped onion and chopped carrot;

• After you add nuts;

• Remove the vegetables and fry on this oil chunks of lamb;

• Top with onions and carrots;

• Cover all rice;

• Cover with a lid and at the minimum fire protomai contents of the saucepan for another ten minutes;

• Cover the pan with a suitable plate or dish;

• Turn to the contents left in the dish;

• Serve with greens.

Pilaf recipes around the world

Recipe № 2 with chicken liver

• Chicken liver - 200 g;

• Baked or butter - 70 g;

• Basmati rice - 2 cups (or other dlinnozorny grade);

• Onions - 1 pc;

• A handful of raisins;

• Few pistachios;

• Black and white pepper on the half spoon each;

• meat or chicken broth - 6 glasses (available water);

• Salt and sugar to taste;

• Parsley, cilantro, basil and other herbs.

Cooking method:

• In a pan to shift the well washed rice;

• Pour in cool salted boiling water;

• Cover with a lid and leave for 30 minutes in water without fire;

• At first, fry the butter pistachio to slightly brownish appearance and a pleasant aroma;

• Then chop onion half rings and add to skillet;

• Drain the rice;

• The fried until golden brown onions put sliced ​​pieces of chicken liver;

• Immediately reclined figure;

• pepper, add the raisins and mix everything carefully;

• Add sugar and salt;

• Pour broth or water;

• Put on the fire;

• Simmer, covered for half an hour;

• remove the cover, dry out, wrap a towel and then cover with pilaf;

• Turn off the heat and leave be well stewed for another 10 minutes; • Serve with chopped greens.

4. The Armenian pilaf with dried fruit

Pilaf recipes around the world

It is worth remembering that the risotto is not only the traditional meat as often we are used to cook, but also with dried fruits. This dish is ideal for both children and adults who look after their health and figure, trying to stay in shape.


• Figure dlinnozorny (can be steamed) - 2 cups;

• Butter, melted - 6 tablespoons. l;

• apricots - 150 g;

• Raisins white and dark - 50 g;

• Dates b / c - 80 g;

• Peeled almonds - 2 tablespoons. l;

• Grains of pomegranate - 2 tbsp. l;

• Armenian lavash thin - 1 pc;

• A pinch of salt.

Pilaf recipes around the world


• All dried fruits and nuts rinse well under running water;

• Share on parchment or paper towel to dry;

• After send into the pan, heating the berries and nuts in a water bath of about half an hour;

• At the end, add 2-3 tablespoons of melted butter;

• A little salt;

• The well-salted water boil until half cooked rice;

• Drain in a colander and rinse under running water;

• Kazan lubricate the inside with melted butter;

• then lay a thin bottom proved pita;

• evenly lay third of rice;

• Serve with a spoon of oil;

• Re-lay the rice and pour butter (spread layers of rice as long as the entire shift);

• proved lid from the inside to wrap the wafer clean towel (which will absorb excess moisture);

• Cover tightly and cook kettle over low heat for 15 minutes;

• Dried fruits and nuts to add afloat for five minutes before the end;

• Before serving, stir shovel;

• Serve with pomegranate grains.

5. Pilaf with seafood

Pilaf recipes around the world

Pilaf with seafood is perfect for those who are not particularly fan of meat. Easy, but quite satisfying and rich protein dish perfectly saturate the body with nutrients and energy. Ingredients:

• Rice - 500 g;

• Seafood - 1 kg;

• Mushrooms - 8 pieces;

• Carrots - 3 pcs;

• Onion - 1 pc;

• Dried tomatoes to taste;

• Sweet pepper - 1 pc;

• Parsley to taste;

• Garlic to taste;

• Prune to taste;

• Chili - 1/2 pieces;

• Barberry to taste;

• Salt to taste;

• Water - 2 liters.

Pilaf recipes around the world


• Onions cut into medium pieces;

• After fry it with vegetable oil in a cauldron until golden brown;

• Cover the rice in a cauldron;

• Stir-fry with the onions over high heat for five minutes;

• Then make the fire less;

• Add barberries, dried tomatoes and spicy mix of fish;

• Clean the carrots, grate long strips and add to rice;

• Mix and pour rice water;

• Mushrooms wash;

• Cut large slices and add to the cauldron, not stirring;

• The next layer put seafood;

• On top of the seafood put some raw garlic cloves (to then squeeze them);

• After you add the prunes, dried cherries for beauty, hot pepper;

• Season with salt;

• To cover with a lid;

• Leave on a low heat for about an hour (Fig periodically trying to readiness);

• Before serving, decorate with diced bell pepper and finely chopped parsley.