With celebrities who change

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Robert Pattinson, Justin Timberlake, Jude Law - all of these beauties have experienced betrayal favorite. Whom prefer their bride?

With celebrities who change

Egor Creed

The singer, 24 years old

With celebrities who change With celebrities who change

Egor Creed became the hero of the sixth season of the show "The Bachelor", which wanted to find true love. But the search followed by disappointments. One of the contenders for the heart of the artist, 19-year-old Sonia Makeev fell in love with the operator show! A member of the crew team named Andrew first became the only other girl on a project - with him Sonya shared experiences, he supported the participant. Friendship grew into love, and the pair spent the night together. According to Sony, this was not a passing fad - it really has found love on the project. If not so, as suggested by the project scenario. But here Egor not happy for Sonia and Andrew. "It is so vile and disgusting, that I want to send out and forget how terrible dream this whole project. It is really a hard thing to do. It's just pi ** pepper "- reacted to the news Creed. Artist Woman kicked out of the show.

Robert Pattinson

The actor, 32 years old

With celebrities who change

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson met on the set of the vampire fantasy "Twilight", where they played a couple. Screen feelings translated to real, in November 2009, the actors confirmed novel.

couple relationship lasted 4 years, the case was close to the wedding, but ... in July 2012 in the media there were photographs in which Kristen kissing with director Rupert Sanders ... Two months Stewart and Pattinson did not communicate. Actress regretted his moment of weakness, she lost weight and looked important. In autumn Pattinson forgave bride, but to start with a clean slate failed. Now the actors do not support the communication and does not comment on its painful gap.


The musician, 56 years old

With celebrities who change

Forces began to meet with Heidi when she only learned of her pregnancy by now former men. Forces has officially recognized his daughter the girl Helen, which was also the name of the singer. After the birth of the baby in 2005. Forces and Heidi were married. In marriage were born three children - two boys and a girl. The pair were the epitome of love and harmony, but in January 2012 the Force and Heidi Klum have announced the divorce, the initiator of which was a mannequin. The musician said that the reason for this decision was a betrayal of Heidi with a personal bodyguard. She really began to meet with her bodyguard Martin Christen. But the model claimed that her romance began after she offered her husband a divorce.

Jude Law

The actor, 46 years old

With celebrities who change

The relationship of Jude Law and Sienna Miller were like a roller coaster: the couple planning a wedding, then run away, the declaration of love, then shook the world news of the infidelity. The last point is particularly excelled Jude, who was caught on an affair with Daisy Wright - nanny of his children by his first marriage. But Sienna was not inferior to the favorite. In 2007, actress twisted romance with Balthazar Getty - actor and heir oil empire. He was married and his wife was waiting for the birth of their fourth child, but Sienna is not confused. After 10 months, the actor changed his mind and returned to his family, and Sienna ... What do you think? Jude Law forgave beauty and gave her a second chance. The actors were together two years before finally parting in 2011.