Vladimir Mayakovsky and cinema

Love Vladimir Mayakovsky to the cinema began when the poet had just turned 13 years old. In 1906 his family moved to Moscow. The capital struck the boy with noise and glitter, but the main impression was the cinema. For the sake of a touch to this miracle, he was ready for anything - or penny razdobyval cherished his way into the halls of the hare, at the risk of being caught. Many years later, when he was held a poet, he never neglected the opportunity to participate in the filming, not only as a writer, but also as an actor.

Vladimir Mayakovsky and cinema

Mayakovsky cameo in the film "Drama in the Futurists theater number 13"

Vladimir Mayakovsky and cinema

The first work of Mayakovsky, associated with the movie, was the film "Drama in the Futurists theater number 13". Dumb tape released in 1914 and now, unfortunately, it is considered lost. Vladimir Mayakovsky in her we could see in a cameo at the end of an extremely complicated story, parody adventure detective - a genre is very popular in the art of the early XX century.

Screenwriter and actor of the film "Not for money-born"

Vladimir Mayakovsky and cinema

The second work of the poet in the film was the drama "Not for money-born", loosely based on Jack London's novel "Martin Eden". Here Mayakovsky, who has already acquired popularity, and serves as a writer and as an actor. In his interpretation of the original source was, of course, much tinkering: the action moved to the post-revolutionary Moscow, the main character, a poor worker who falls in love with a girl from a bourgeois family, and for the sake of it reaches these heights - it becomes a poet-futurist. At the end of the film, disillusioned with his beloved, he simulates suicide and re-working clothes outfit. Mayakovsky, like no one else approached for this role, and as a result played in the movie. It is possible that his participation in the creation of this was due to the high popularity of the poet, but the full film debut can be considered quite successful - the audience liked the tape. The fate of the film, however, also remains unknown, and the judge's first major role in cinema Mayakovsky we today can only a few surviving photographs.

Mayakovsky appeared in films together with Lily Brik

The following scenario emerged Mayakovsky influenced by his muse - Lily Brik. Once the love of the poet admitted that she wanted to stay with him, he immediately sat down at the new script. This time the story fiction film recalls the story of Pygmalion. Lille itself the story very much. She wrote in 1918:

"Vladimir has invented a brilliant script -" clad film. " Living man fell in love with a woman on the other side of the screen. It comes down to it from the screen, and this is conditional woman lives among the living. But the screen is people without boring. They lie in wait for her, and again caught on tape, but a living man rushes in search of her, enters the off-screen life. And here it is, a live, three-dimensional people, including movie characters - cowboys, detectives, etc. "...

It seems that the film is simply obliged to get exciting, but in reality, the unfortunate direction has meant that the tape came out frankly boring and success with viewers not acquired.

"The Young Lady and the Hooligan" - the most successful film actor, director and screenwriter Mayakovsky

Vladimir Mayakovsky and cinema

Mayakovsky after that, though severed ties with the movie company "Neptune", but the cinema was not disappointed. As a result, in the same year he published the drama "The Young Lady and the Hooligan". It was a real success. Mayakovsky made here as an actor, director and screenwriter of the second. As always, the role of a street bully, is very close to the poet. In the early 1960s, based on the movie Alexander Belinsky created the libretto of the ballet. In the 70 years the film has been restored, so this successful performance of Mayakovsky in the movie, we can judge personally. Generally Mayakovsky during filming, despite its obstinate character and wild temperament, turned into a perfect and perfectly actor interacted with the director and the crew. This was written and directed by the operator of the film "Lady and the Hooligan" Eugene Slavinskiy:

"It's very delicate for all the little things of life pavilion, Vladimir Vladimirovich as an actor could be a model for all the actors, being always on time to shoot in his uncomplicated suit reckless street brawler. (...) before the start of performances he asked me to be with him strict and demanding, promised unconditional submission to the director. Yet sometimes I amended the staging. These amendments will always tend to lead to brevity, simplicity and clarity, the protest was not possible "is not against them.

After the death of Vladimir Mayakovsky was written by a number of scenarios. Among them are very different subjects: "Kids" - a story of pioneer life and the "Elephant and match" - "Resort comedy losing weight little family," "Love Shkafolyubova", "Story of a revolver," "Comrade Kopytko or Down fat!" "Forget about the fireplace", and others. Some of them have been banned, but some simply ahead of its time in technical capabilities. Despite the fact that Mayakovsky for writing scripts do not normally allow himself to provocation and experimentation, technically many of them became feasible only when the end of the XX century equipment.