The little things that can improve your health

• Little things that can improve your well-being

When the conversation comes up the topic of health, people often frown, saying that it is too difficult, you need to change a lot ... Not at all! You can start with a few little things that help you feel better.

The little things that can improve your health

1. Eat more protein

As a rule, many nedobirayut amount of protein, which is the minimum 0, 8 grams per kilogram of body weight per day. If you eat a little meat, eggs and dairy products, can be added to the diet of protein shake.

2. Take care of yourself

Take care of face and body every day, even if confident that you and so beautiful. This is useful not only for skin, but also to improve relations with them.

3. Move more

And each day. If you ride in a car and almost walk on foot, stop the elevator.

4. Select the half minute breathing

Do not need hours of meditation or yoga classes, start with small things! Sit down, relax, count to five, take a breath, count to five, exhale ... Think about pleasant - and forward to new horizons!

5. Walk down the street

Even in a big polluted city it will be useful. Once? Replace part of the evening reading in the exercise of social networks around the house!