Most bizarre scientific experiments

• The most bizarre scientific experiments

Science is good, if it is about laser beams and space flight, but at times it can to the question "what were they thinking?". Of course, if you're a fan of science fiction, you'll probably like strange experiments on which we are going to take a look, but be careful. This is the craziest scientific experiments, which were carried out in reality.

Most bizarre scientific experiments Most bizarre scientific experiments

1. Elephant on acid.

Studying the behavior of the elephants led to the most outrageous experiments carried out in the name of science, when Warren Thomas introduced the elephant named Truk 297 milligrams of LSD. This is 3000 times more than it consumes an addict. The experiment was conducted in the Lincoln Park Zoo in Oklahoma City in 1962, it was carried out to determine whether it will cause temporary insanity elephants. However, an hour later Truk died.

Most bizarre scientific experiments

2. The two-headed dog.

American physiologist Charles Claude Guthrie has made a significant contribution in this area, and even collaborated with the French doctor Alexis Carrel, who won the Nobel Prize in Physiology in Medicine in 1912 for his work in the field of vascular surgery. Guthrie, though he had to be turned on, turned down, probably due to the experiments to transplant the head, where he sewed a dog's head the other. Surprisingly, his experiments did show some success with the artificial preservation of the severed head during the transplant.

Most bizarre scientific experiments

3. Frankenstein Dogs.

Another scientist, obsessed transplantation Vladimir Demihov widely known as a man who stands for heart transplantation. As Charles Guthrie, Vladimir successfully experimented on animals, mainly dogs.

Most bizarre scientific experiments

4. Raise Dead.

Robert E. Cornish was a child prodigy who graduated with honors from the University of California at Berkeley at the age of 18 years. However, Cornish also thought that he could bring the dead back to life. In 1930, he tried to return the dead animals, using fox terriers. Killing dogs overdose of ether, he introduced them to adrenalin and anticoagulants. Those who came back to life, suffered blindness and brain damage, but they quickly declared clinically dead, and he never was able to repeat his experiments on humans.

Most bizarre scientific experiments

5. The weight of the soul.

Dr. Duncan MacDougall was an American doctor early 20's, who suggested that the soul has weight. He claimed to be able to measure the mass, supposedly lost by the human body when the soul went after death. After seeing six patients in the process of dying and weighing his experiments came to the conclusion that the weight of the soul is 21 grams. However, needless to say, his detention had not received much interest in the research community. 6. Prick in your own heart.

Werner Theodor Otto Forssmann, German surgeon trainee was known for his experiment on himself in 1929. Without any direction he put himself under local anesthesia, cut a hole in his hand, pushed through the catheter to the end and put it in his heart. Then he went to the X-ray room. He was fired after this trick, but was awarded the Nobel Prize for medicine in 1956 for the development of a procedure to carry out cardiac catheterization.