Most methods of slimming extravagant (Part 2)

How do people manage to remain so slim? When it comes to getting rid of excess weight, only a few methods are able to compete with the old-fashioned combination of healthy diet and exercise. However, this does not mean that people do not try to use them.

Most methods of slimming extravagant (Part 2)

Whether due to impatience, or out of desperation, or even under the influence of psychiatric disorders such as anorexia and bulimia, some people go to great lengths to lose a few extra kilos.

Unfortunately, extreme diets can cause more harm than good. Here are twenty-five of crazy ways to which people resort to lose weight or stay thin. They can shock even the most desperate fans of the diet.

based on empty Diet boiling

Arose during the Second World War as a means of protection against scurvy, a diet based on cabbage soup empty again became popular in the nineties, only this time as a way to quickly lose weight. However, sitting on this diet, you will receive less than 1 thousand calories a day, while the rate for a healthy adult is 2,000 calories, so any physical activity, especially sports and exercise, it becomes almost impossible.

Syrup of ipecac

Syrup of ipecac is used in medicine for the emptying of the stomach of patients who were allegedly poisoned. In other words, it means fully justifies the popular name of the plant - ipecac.

Wearing a corset

Wearing a corset every day for a few hours may seem like a good way to compress the ribs and gradually relieve you of excess fat around the waist. However, from the point of view of medicine that is not feasible, and in addition, too tight a corset can create unnecessary stress for many internal organs.

The probe for artificial nutrition

Normally artificial feeding through a tube used to stubborn patients in psychiatric hospitals. However, as it turns out, this device dual use. When used to reduce body weight, the probe operates in the following manner: a thin tube is inserted into the esophagus through the nose, and it is fed directly into the stomach calorie solution having a high fat content. The tube can not be removed within a few days, and then the diet leads to a state of ketosis body (excessive accumulation of ketone bodies), when because of carbohydrate starvation for energy instead of the food burned body fat stores.

The injection of urine

Introduction to the muscle tissue of urine of pregnant women as a means to lose weight may seem ridiculous. Actually, the way it is, however, this does not prevent many desperate people resort to such exotic way. The fact that urine contains a hormone known as human chorionic gonadotropin, which can fool the human brain, causing him to believe that there is a pregnancy, to dramatically increase the rate of metabolism and therefore burn calories much faster than normal.

"Lozhechnaya" diet

"Lozhechnaya" diet is that you can only eat those foods that are easy to eat with a spoon. The goal - to restrict calories and stick to healthy foods, such as vegetable soups and yoghurts. However, most people end up just eating the sweet pudding all day, and the result, of course, surpasses all expectations.

Diet "Ana Boot Camp"

Extremely dangerous and immoral craze swept the Internet in recent years. Ana Boot Camp means "camp for beginners anorexic. We are talking about a variety of sites, keep calling anorectic lifestyle. The strict diet involves the use of from 0 to 500 calories a day. According to doctors, such a diet can cause serious damage to health, including heart attack or cause malfunction of the internal organs.

gastric banding

From a technical point of view, as gastroplasticheskaya surgery, gastric banding - a medical procedure in which doctors use staples for separating a part of the stomach and limit the amount of food that passes through the alimentary tract. People who are exposed to such an operation, tend to suffer from obesity, a life-threatening. In the future, a person is forced to adhere to a strict diet, because otherwise may have dangerous side effects.

Diet "cotton balls"

This diet involves soaking cotton cotton balls in the water and swallowing to defraud the system, make him believe in what you eat. In fact, usually it helps weak, and in addition, wool can accumulate in the intestine, causing severe pain and discomfort.

A diet worms

As much as it may sound crazy, are the diet is growing tapeworms in your own small intestine. In other words, the man simply eats of this worm, which then is actively growing, eating all the food eaten carrier. If you are mad enough to even think about such a diet, you should be aware that this may result in long-term health problems. In addition, good nutrition worms may well grow up to 10 meters in length and simply refuse to leave the comfort of your own bowels.

Express-diet Master cleanse

Also known as the "lemonade diet", Master cleanse involves drinking a cocktail of lemon juice, cayenne pepper and maple syrup. The goal is to cleanse the body of toxins and impurities. However, it is much more like a sophisticated self-mutilation.

Diet Tongue Patch

If the previous method is very similar to the torture, this, no doubt, that torture is. A small piece of a special fabric is sewn to the upper surface of the tongue, with the result that food intake becomes of pleasure in punishment, but solid food is in general not possible. You will have to stick to only liquid food as long as you remove the fabric. It goes without saying that it is harmful to health, but just in case, for the people, particularly prone to crazy adventures: not recommended!

Periodic abstinence from food

Abstaining from food for as long until the desired weight is reached, it may actually make you thinner. However, this should be very careful as it is easy to lose a sense of proportion, and this often results in serious negative consequences for the organism.