Life Rules Heath Ledger

• Life Rules Heath Ledger

Life Rules Heath Ledger

You know, I'm one of those people who, when they shoot, shoot back.

When my parents divorced, I'm not worried, I actually was glad. I had the two houses, two sets of rules, it would drop dead. When I got tired of one place, and needed a break, I just moved to another.

Actors little gypsies, and I like it.

I lived in Perth and 16 years, and then just jumped in the car and umotal in Sydney. My account was 69 cents and a bit of cash from their parents.

With my best friend I've known Trevor since three years. During all this time we have not spent two months apart.

Anything that inspires me to fear, at the same time excites me.

Parents never taught me how to live. They allowed me to deal with all of yourself. Yes, they warned: "If you touch fire, you get burned!", And I said: "Well, yes, of course." Then I touched the fire, came to him with burns and said: "You were right."

If you always do only the right choice, depriving themselves of the opportunity to grow.

What moral values ​​can be in a world where start smoking at age 12, and read books and did not start?

Before I became an actor, I even could not imagine that I would have so much money. I do not need more. Not that I did not want more money, I just to be happy enough to sit on the beach and surf in the morning. I recently bought a house in Los Angeles and "Mustang" in 1970 with 450 horsepower. The house from the time of purchase I spent on the strength of two months, but already there lived half of Australia.

I love to play, oh, how I love this thing!

Once I spent a whole year on my ass, rejecting a generous offer to play in teenage boys movies, similar to my character from "10 Things I Hate". I literally lived on ramen noodles and water, because they took pains to be true to yourself. It was very difficult, the money that I was offered a lot. You could just spit and say: "Well, at least I will be money to buy food."

Perhaps this is not very good - to pretend that you are smarter than it is.

When I have a concern, I just I go to Mars - to sit, chat feet and look down on the Earth. Earth - it is a little blue speck. From there, the top can not see any fear or pain.

Hard to live without music, but even harder - without sex.

It is very difficult to make love in the Shell. But if you are very impatient to have to be patient.

Birth of a child turns the whole life changes all of its aspects - the better, of course. Many of you have to sacrifice, but what you get in return, outweighs all the sacrifices. I generally hate movies on comics, just can not stand, I have them jaw driving - they are boring and stupid.

I closed for a month in a London hotel room, kept a diary and experimented with voices - it was important to find the perfect voice and laughter. So I got into the world of a psychopath - someone who does not realize his actions. Joker (the hero of the film Christopher Nolan's "The Dark Knight" -. Esquire) knows no borders, it does not terrible, for it all - one big joke.

I am so disappointed in my life that when things are going well, I'm starting to look for what is wrong.

I do not like the idea of ​​death, but if I die too young, I hope that is enough time to do the things which I remember.

Previously, I did not have any money and I was very happy. After all, when I die, I can not take the money with him.

Life is so short, consider, we have not.