TT: the main gun dashing 90

Almost until the mid-1920s, the Red Army could boast a very diverse collection of weapons. As a personal weapon fighters wore ancient revolvers in 1885, and foreign cars. In the West, almost all armies have recognized the undoubted advantage of autoloading pistol revolver - in fact, guns were only the eternal reactionaries-British. The Soviet Union began to develop his own gun rather late. But the result of the flight design idea became legendary automatic pistol Tula-Tokarev, faithfully to serve the Fatherland good fifty years.

TT: the main gun dashing 90


In the autumn of 1930 was the last stage of the competition to create a self-loading pistol. The main participants were the development of FV Tokarev, S. Korovin and S. Good Friday, which had yet to compete with foreign rivals: the command of the Red Army was considering the possibility to equip the chain of command has already been held by Western guns. The first field tests have revealed a clear leader. Performance characteristics of the CT were significantly superior to the well-known "Walter PP", "F-Para 08" "Browning M1922" and "M1911 Colt".

TT: the main gun dashing 90

Birth of a legend

Development Fedor Tokarev liked chief weapons the Red Army, Uborevich Jerome, who wrote an enthusiastic report on the results of military trials. Uborevich applied for the commercialization of an automatic pistol TT - the very next day after the report, 13 February 1931 was signed the decision on the production of thousands of guns to be sent later to the troops.

TT: the main gun dashing 90

7, 62-mm automatic pistol Tokarev was the best of the domestic samples, not inferior to the reliability of action and ease of handling overseas arms of the Red Army guns -Nachalnik Jerome Uborevich

TT: the main gun dashing 90

The elegant simplicity of

One of the main advantages of CT can be considered clever design simplicity. Gun suitable for mass production due to the low cost and very undemanding in maintenance. Fedor Tokarev was well aware of how important both of these factors for the army gun - the weapon, even an inexperienced fighter could master in no time.

TT: the main gun dashing 90

Main features

Caliber 7, 62 mm

The cartridge 7 mm 62h25

Empty weight 0, 845 kg

Mass ammunition 0, 940 kg

Length 195 mm

Barrel length 116 mm

Combat rate, 8 shots 10-15 seconds

Muzzle velocity 420 m / s

Rate of 30 / m

Magazine capacity 8 rounds

Effective range of 50 m

TT: the main gun dashing 90

The undoubted merits of

TT was developed under a very powerful, unusual for the pistol, which can provide a high penetrating power and muzzle energy of 500 J Lightweight and short descent significantly increases the accuracy of fire:. Experienced craftsmen and hit the target by 50 meters. In addition, the gun is quite compact and flat - convenient indicators for the weapon concealed carry.

TT: the main gun dashing 90

Serious faults

Naturally, there were at the gun and its drawbacks, and quite considerable. The store was fixed not very reliable - the shooter could be unloaded at the crucial moment. Number of crossbows it was so great that the soldiers had to deny the Charter to carry a gun with a cartridge in the chamber. As a consequence, increase the time to bring weapons to combat readiness at a meeting with the enemy. A puzzling and handle: a small angle and a specific form of a gun made quite uncomfortable.

TT: the main gun dashing 90

The unpleasant feature of

The design of the gun and had another unpleasant feature that is worth mentioning separately. Tula-Tokarev was deprived of a separate fuse. Its function is to carry out a deep cut on the trigger, which locks the bolt and trigger with the sear and disconnector. The fighting showed that such a solution look good in the drawings: the actual design was kept low and almost did not ensure the safety of the shooter.

TT: the main gun dashing 90

Bullet done

But all the above shortcomings are more than covers the trump card design Fedor Tokarev. Pointed bullet caliber 7, 62 mm issued from TT pierce army helmet and lightweight body armor. Bullet "7, 62 II", with a core of lead, the enemy will not save a bulletproof vest in protection class I and the product "Pst" with steel core passes through the body armor of class II like a knife through butter.

TT: the main gun dashing 90

Way of the Warrior

Automatic pistol Tula-Tokarev went into mass production in 1933 and 27 years remained the Armed Forces of the Soviet Union service weapon. Law enforcement agencies have exploited TT prior to 1971, residents of the evil sleeping areas use it until now. In the Soviet Union only until 1952 it produced 1.74 million guns of this model: just imagine how many automatic weapons flowed from army warehouses on the street in 90 years.

Modern Life

Until the Russian legendary TT officially arrived. In practice, confusion 90s led to massive illegal Sale from army warehouses, which turned the gun into a real symbol of the era. In some countries, TT (with minor modifications) produced to date - for example, Chinese "Type 51" and Korean "Type 68", Hungarian Tokagyrt 58 and M-57 Yugoslav.